Battletoads Will Be Releasing Next Month

Back in the early 1990s, Rare’s Battletoads was a massive hit. This was an old school beat ‘em up platformer where players controlled a mutant warrior known as a Battletoad. Their overall goal was to track down and defeat the evil Dark Queen and rescue your longtime friends. This being an older title that was released back in the 90s may mean that there are not only veteran fans that enjoyed the original series ready to dive back into the game franchise but some newcomers as well.

While Rare may have gotten the game franchise started, this new installment comes from development studio Dlala Studios, which previously worked on Janksy and Overruled. According to the development studio website, Battletoads will see the return of Rash, Zitz, and Pimple as they embark on a brand new all action-adventure. There will be couch co-op as well which means that you and two other friends can jump into the game and go through this platformer beat ‘em up. 

Announced through the Xbox Wire, we now know that release date for this game. According to the press release on the website, it looks like we can expect Battletoads to hit the marketplace on August 20, 2020. Best of all, this game is confirmed to be featured on the Xbox Game Pass so subscribers for the service can immediately play the game upon launch on either PC or Xbox One.

We imagine that this game will be available on the next-generation Xbox Series X as well, but there’s been no confirmation on that front yet. In fact, it wasn’t long ago that Phil Spencer hinted at an event scheduled for August that would go over backward compatibility when it comes to the next-generation Xbox console platform. 

Source: Xbox Wire