Minecraft Dungeons: Jungle Awakens DLC – There’s A New Method For Farming Lots Of Exclusive Loot

Minecraft Dungeons just got a new powerful farm. If you’re hunting for unique legendary gear, the best place to go is hidden in the Jungle Awakens DLC. The Panda Plateau has become a great post-game farming spot — and its all because of the overabundance of chests you’ll find within. It looks like the devs really wanted to make this place worthwhile, because you can earn 2 Obsidian Chests and 5+ Gold Chests in a single five minute run.

This method was shared by Von Vikton on YouTube, and it’s a verified worthwhile way to boost your inventory. The only problem is — you’ll need to unlock Panda Plateau. You can learn more about that on our Panda Plateau Secret Level guide here. The method is pretty simple, you just need to reach the ‘cross the canyon’ objective, and look for an optional path with a door you can enter. If the door doesn’t spawn, you’ll have to reset the zone and try again.

With all that out of the way, we can get to the good stuff. Here’s how to use Panda Plateau for the most efficient farming.

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Panda Plateau Farming Guide

Once you unlock Panda Plateau, you can run it for extreme levels of high-level loot. Obviously, you’ll want to boost the difficulty to as high as you can manage — and you’ll want to equip a build specifically for speedrunning.

Boots of Swiftness and Speed Synergy are going to be helpful, but what sets this dungeon apart are the number of ranged enemies. That’s where the Ghost Cloak can really help you escape bad situations.

  • The Evocation Robe gives you improved artifact cooldown and faster movement speed, making it ideal for speedrunning.
    • You’ll also want to get Deflect for your armor to protect against all those incoming arrows.

The Evocation Robe is a handy item for speedrunning, and if you don’t have it yet, you can run Panda Plateau to get the best version of it. If you don’t have everything you need, you can still earn lots of loot in Panda Plateau — it’ll be slightly slower, but the better gear you find, the faster you’ll be able to complete this.

The path is simple. Just run by everything until you encounter special events where chests are guaranteed to drop. Sprint and avoid enemies when you don’t need to fight — they’ll only slow you down. Here’s where and when to find all the chests you can collect in the zone.

  • Gold Chest: When you reach the bridge, you’ll get the ‘Explore The Bamboo Forest’ objective. Clear all the enemies that spawn in this event to get a chest.
  • Gold Chest: Backtrack at the bridge and follow the path to the right leading to the ‘Rescua Pandas’ objective. Complete it to enter the cave — it’s random how many chests you’ll find here. Look for long hallway-like paths that lead to dead-end. They will always have gold chests.
  • Obsidian Chest: Found in the Panda Plateau cave. The obsidian chests always spawn in areas marked by mushrooms, in small round rooms with a fountain inside. Depending on your luck, 1 or 2 may spawn in the caves.
  • Gold Chest: Another gold chest will always spawn if you find a mini-dungeon door in the caves. Complete the sub-dungeons and a gold chest will appear.
  • Gold Chest: A chest can spawn in a side-area with small huts you can enter. One of the huts will spawn a swarm of slimes. Clear them out and this chest will appear.
  • Gold Chest: Off the main path, you can also find gold chests on raised brick structures in the jungle. Look for stone stairs! Often, you’ll just get a regular lame chest, though.
  • Gold Chest: On the large bridge, one gold chest will always spawn in one of the houses. Check every house on the bridge!

That’s all the chests you can get! It’s random, but if you check all these areas, you’re still bound to find at least a handful of chests every run. There’s a high chance to get Obsidian Chests too. That makes this one of the best places for farming useful gear in the game. It’ll take a little practice, so be prepared to make a few runs through this stage before you master it.