Minecraft Dungeons: How To Beat The Game Solo | Best Gear, Enchantments & Artifacts For Solo Players

Minecraft Dungeons is an action-RPG where you and your friends can team up to takeout the Arch-Illager, and evil tyrant bent on ruling the overworld. Normally, you’ll be running with a full squad of four heroes if you’re playing online — but some of us prefer to go solo. If you choose that route, you’ll have to prepare yourself for a challenging endgame that crushes you quick.

Even with three lives, there are certain enemies in the last levels that can kill you very, very quickly. If you’re struggling to beat the final boss or any of the challenges waiting for you by yourself, then we’ve got a few tips that might help your villager survive. These are the best artifacts, weapons, and enchantments for solo players. Some of them are so powerful, you can easily solo the final boss without even trying.

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Best Gear For Solo

Your gear is almost the least important choice when playing solo. Any weapon will work, as long as you’re equipping and spending your Enchantments. Make sure to salvage any gear you’re not using to recover the enchantments!

  • NOTE: When playing solo, you’ll need to rely on movement, dodges, and arrows way more often. Find my bow loadout tips below.

When you’ve reached a level that’s too tough for you — especially the final level — you’ll need to replay earlier levels to get better gear. You can also spend your emeralds to unlock random gear / artifacts from the Blacksmith / Wandering Trader in the camp. The higher your level, the better gear you’ll generally get from these vendors.

What’s most important is picking the right enchantments and artifacts to stay alive.

Best Enchantments For Solo

Enchantments are incredibly important when you’re playing solo. You need to select enchantments specifically for survivability and for doing as much damage as possible, as quickly as possible.

  • Weapon Enchantments:
    • Leeching: One of the most useful enchantments for solo players. Not the best, but one of the best — fully upgraded, it allows you to absorb 8% of mob max health. Pick at least one of the healing enchantments if you can.
    • Radiance: An improved Leeching that generates a healing area. Very helpful when you’re standing your ground.
    • Chains: A better stunning enchantment. This chains enemies together randomly — the less enemies attacking you at the same time the better.
    • Echo: One of the best enchantments. Fully upgraded, you’ll double attack every 3 seconds.

When it comes to armor, the enchantments aren’t as important. There’s one enchantment that matters most — if you can get it, you absolutely must.

  • Armor Enchantments:
    • Cool Down: Easily the best enchantment for solo players. Upgrade this fully to speed up your artifact recharge rate and healing potion.

Finally, let’s talk about bow enchantments. The bow is your most important weapon when playing solo. You need one enchantment above all others, and you need to watch your ammo usage. Don’t use too much, and especially save arrows for bosses and tough fights.

  • Bow Enchantments:
    • Fuse: The best bow enchantment by far. If you can get this bow enchantment, you absolutely have to. When fully upgraded, you’ll launch an explosive grenade that deals double damage.
    • Pierce: The second best bow enchantment causes your arrow to travel through enemies. You can damage entire groups of mobs with this and multishot equipped.
    • Multishot: Multishot is a powerful combo with Pierce. Every few shots, you’ll fire multiple arrows at once. Very powerful when combined with a bow that can be charged.
    • Infinity: This enchantment will help you save ammo, randomly giving you back arrows. A lesser enchantment, but absolutely one worth taking if you have fuse.

I can’t repeat powerful the fuse enchantment is. The fuse destroys everything in this game — if you’re playing solo, you can defeat the last boss in no time flat with just a fuse-equipped bow. Nothing else compares until you’ve unlocked the higher difficulty levels.

Best Artifacts For Solo

If you want to live, you’ll need to equip three types of artifacts — DPS, Healing / Support, and a Buff. There are two artifacts I recommend for each category, and it’s really helpful to have these artifacts equipped if you want to live long.

  • DPS Artifacts: Slot 1
    • Fireworks Arrow: My preferred crowd control weapon also does extra damage to bosses. Both of my DPS artifacts are arrow-based, and I prefer this one.
    • Flaming Quiver: Another good choice, this adds a burning elemental attack to your arrows.
  • Support / Healing Artifacts: Slot 2
    • Wonderful Wheat: Any of the artifacts that summon an ally. They’ll do a little damage, but its the distraction they provide that matters most.
    • Soul Healer: Either the Soul Healer or Iron Hide Amulet will save you. I prefer the Soul Healer, as it gives you an instant boost of health. Just don’t use it too often — you need to collect enemy souls to recharge.
  • Buff Artifacts: Slot 3
    • Death Cap Mushroom: The Death Cap Mushroom increases movement / attack speed, and it’s a great artifact for dealing more damage and escaping bad situations.
    • Speed Shoes: The shoes artifact gives you a quick burst of speed. You’ll need it to escape large mobs in the later game.