Minecraft Dungeons: The Best Enchantments You’ll Want To Slot For Your Gear

Every piece of gear has two enchantment slots in Minecraft Dungeons, and depending on how you slot your stuff, you can become an invincible god of loot. To help you decide which enchantments you want (and which ones to skip) we’re going to list the best combos for different weapon types and explain why you need these enchantments in your life.

Some enchantments give you life leech, so you’ll heal as you damage your opponents. Others can stun big baddies, and even more can generate multiple projectiles that pierce through enemies. You’ll have to pick your gear (and enchantments) carefully. Some enchantments are only amazing on certain weapons, and some can keep you alive on even the hardest difficulties. The enemies in Minecraft Dungeons can be defeated quickly, but so can you — here are my best picks out of all the enchantments you’ll find.

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Best Enchantments & Weapon Combos

Enchantments are special effects you can slot into your weapons. All gear can fit two enchantments — and you can double-stack enchantments to double the effect. If you find a particular enchantment you really like, there’s (usually!) no harm in just equipped two of them.

Depending on your gear, certain enchantments are way more powerful. Let’s talk about the best enchantments we’ve found so far, and what weapons you’ll want to slot them into.

The Best Enchantments:

Enchantments are randomly generated for each weapon / piece of armor. You don’t have to choose different enchantments — you can equip multiple items with the same enchantments to make your powers even stronger.

  • Leeching + Leeching: Heals you a fraction of the damage you inflict on enemies. Equip two and you’re practically invincible as long as you keep fighting!
  • Looting + Looting: Another powerful double combo. Looting increases the amount of pick-ups enemies drop. They’ll drop more health, and more buffs to increase your attack speed and power.
  • Radiance + Anything: Radiance gives you a healing buff while equipped. It’s a pretty good buff, so you can just slap anything alongside radiance.
  • Multi Shot + Piercing: Amazing for bows. Fire multiple shots in an arc, and your shots travel through enemies, allowing you to damage entire groups of bad guys.
  • Stunning + Echo: For slow weapons like the axe, this combo is ridiculously powerful. Echo mirrors your attacks, so a ghostly visage will mirror your attacks every few seconds. Stunning only has a 15% chance to stun, but when you’re using Echo, you’ll stun enemies once every 5 attacks.
  • Unchanting + Anything: Very handy against bosses, Unchanting causes you to do more damage to enchanted mobs. That’s this game’s equivalent to Elite / Boss enemies from the Diablo series.

That’s a quick overview of some of the best enchantments. We’ll add more as we discover them!