Minecraft Dungeons Opening Cinematic Revealed

Minecraft is a game that you’re already familiar with. It’s a title that’s been out for years that caters to players both young and old. You can easily get lost in the adventure of building up resources and fighting off baddies in the night. With that said, there is plenty of creative minds out there that spend countless hours working on new builds or even reproductions of cities, buildings to even art through the Creative mode of Minecraft. Now a new title spin-off is in the works and is slated to launch within 2020. We’re referring to Minecraft Dungeons, a title that is based around classic dungeon crawling. 

Instead of placing blocks or building worlds, the development studio at Mojang is building up the game to be a dungeon crawler where your goal is to head deep within the ruins in search of loot. Players will find that the game offers procedurally generated worlds so you’ll constantly guess where to venture off into the abyss.

While this is a dungeon crawler, it’s going to be a bit lite so don’t expect class-specific items to come up that players won’t be able to use. It seems that everyone will be able to make use items as they battle against those horrible mobs. Furthermore, there will multiplayer cooperative game modes where up to four players can team up and begin their journey. 

This particular title is not slated to launch until 2020 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC platforms, so you should be covered if you own a current-generation platform. As of right now, there is an opening cinematic video of the title released online which you can view above. 

Source: Gematsu