Minecraft Dungeons: How To Reach All Four Secret Levels | Dungeon Locations Guide

This area spawns rarely, so look out for it!

Minecraft Dungeons features four optional zones for your dungeon-delving hero to explore, and skipping them means you’re missing out on a whole bunch of the game. There are 9 zones total, and four (plus one more) hidden dungeons — you can accidentally skip almost half the game! And these dungeons are replete with loot and XP-earning opportunities.

The trick is that they’re all hidden. You’ll have to activate secret switches and explore the massive levels carefully to discover the locations. Below, I’ll explain what you want to lookout for — the locations are never exactly the same because every zone is procedurally generated. Some secret entrances won’t even spawn! You’ll have to repeatedly play the same zones over and over; if you’re lucky, you just might find the door to a dungeon.

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How To Reach All Four Secret Levels | Dungeon Locations Guide

There are four bonus dungeons you can unlock while completing the main game — and these four dungeons are available on any difficulty level. Completing them all on solo will help you earn more XP and gain plenty of levels, making it much easier to be prepared for the final boss.

These areas can be accessed at any difficulty mode or level. Some of them are highly randomized — they won’t appear every time you enter a zone, and may have to replay zones multiple times to find the hidden entrance.

Don’t trust any locations showing exact map locations — these are randomly generated. The entrance methods are always the same, but the exact locations will change every time you reset the map.

  • Creepy Crypt: Found in the Creeper Woods zone. Look for an optional path down the forest to an opening with a small stone structure. Interact to unlock the interior. This appears basically every time. Keep your map open to spot the hidden forest path.
  • Soggy Caves: Found in the Soggy Swamp zone. Found down an optional path that leads to a temple building, similar to the Creepy Crypt. This one is much more rare — check how many secrets are on your map. If there are less than 3, the entrance will not spawn.
  • Arch Haven: Found in the Pumpkin Pastures zone. You’ll need to revisit Pumpkin Pastures often to (hopefully) find it — look for a ship that spawns on the map. It may take 5-7 replays to find it.
  • Underhalls: Found in the Highblock Halls zone. Keep your map open and reach an area with two hanging shields. Interacting with a shield will unlock the path to the hidden area. You’ll find it as you explore the main path — the enemies are tough, but finding it isn’t as difficult.

There’s a fifth secret level — the hidden Moo! level — but finding that is a whole lot more difficult. Check out the list of guides above for in-depth instructions for how to unlock the Easter egg dungeon.