Minecraft Dungeons: How To Level Up & Unlock Enchantments Faster | Endgame Grinding Guide

Once you reach the endgame in Minecraft Dungeons, it’s one long slog to reach max level. For every level you earn, you’ll get one extra enchantment token to spend on your gear — and the enchantment costs get more expensive once you’re earning gear with three enchantment slots. The higher your level, the better gear you’ll earn from buying stuff at the Blacksmith / Wandering Trader in your camp, too!

Basically, if you’re aiming to complete the highest difficulty levels, you’ll need to start grinding for XP. And the best place to do that is on the secret cow level; fighting Mooshrooms is a great way to rapidly gain levels, but any zone will do if you have the right gear. Below, I’ll explain one of the best methods I’ve found for farming XP.

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How To Farm XP Fast | Endgame Guide

You can begin grinding at any level, but you’ll want to aim for the highest level possible — always try to grind at your current level or slightly below / above! The gear is the most important part, especially for the endgame. Before completing the story and unlocking the Adventure / Apocalypse difficulty, grinding should be simple — just replay levels you’ve already completed on higher difficulty.

Once you’re in Adventure / Apocalypse, things get a lot more complicated. I highly recommend unlocking the secret Mooshroom Level — but any level will work, as long as you’re close to the recommended level.

  • Use the Artifact vendor in your camp to find the Love Medallion artifact. The Love Medallion mind-controls three mobs and has them fight for you. Try to equip three of them at once.
  • Unlock enchantments on your gear to lower artifact cooldown. Skills like Cool Down and Final Shout will help a lot.

Now, go into any level and increase the difficulty as high as you can go. Use the Love Medallion to wipe out tons of mobs solo — and don’t bother going up against bosses. If you get killed, lower the difficulty and try again. The Moo Level is (I think) the best for farming thanks to the small size and huge number of easy enemies, but you can pick any zone you prefer.

This is a simple, straightforward method that’s great for gaining lots of levels fast. Give it a try and see if you can conquer Apocalypse difficulty solo!

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