Minecraft Dungeons: How To Deal The Most Damage Possible | 2000+ Damage Build Guide

Achieving maximum damage isn’t as hard as it might sound in Minecraft Dungeons. It isn’t exactly easy either — everything is random, from your gear drops to the enchantments slotted into your swords. This isn’t a guide explaining exactly what you need. Here, I’m just recommending a bunch of items that — when paired together — can help you achieve insane damage output. You’ll need the right sword, the right enchantments, and the right artifacts to make even the toughest bosses melt before your eyes.

It’s all about using the combo system. In Minecraft Dungeons, your sword attacks end with a powerful final combo hit. This attack does bonus damage, so to deal as much damage as possible, you’ll need to boost your strength, level up Smite, and unleash a critical at just the right moment. The more damage, the better! Here’s how to achieve the top-tier of damage output in Minecraft Dungeons.

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To deal 2000+ damage in a single attack, you’ll need a perfect combination of weapon, enchantments, and artifacts. It’s hard to collect everything you need to dish out maximum damage, so just keep these tips in mind while you’re working on your Adventure / Apocalypse Mode build.

  • Hawkbrand Sword: Any sword works, but the Hawkbrand unique sword has an increased critical hit chance. Normally, the Hawkbrand can do 100~ damage per swing, but with the right buffs, you can do 2000+ with an end-of-combo critical.
  • Diamond Sword: The more common Diamond Sword can also achieve 2000+ damage if you have the right enchantments.

The Hawkbrand is a high-level sword that only appears in the advanced difficulty levels. You won’t find it in the main game, so don’t even start farming for it until you’re Level 35+. Diamond Sword also won’t appear until the higher difficulty levels.

  • Enchantments: For maximum damage, you’ll want to get a Hawkbrand / Diamond Sword with Smiting 3. Double Smiting 3 is crazy — and anything that increases critical chance will help. Critical 3 is also very important for your crazy-damage output.

To boost your strength, you’ll also need the right artifacts to buff you up and deal insane damage in a single hit. We’re focusing on buff artifacts here — not exactly the most useful against huge groups of mobs, but very killer against enemies with health bars.

  • Artifacts: Strength Potion and Shadow Brew are important for achieving maximum damage. When using a sword, you’ll end a combo with a powerful third attack. Activate Shadow Brew before landing your combo-ender to guarantee a critical hit. Strength Potion — or even double Strength Potion, can be used to boost your standard attack power.

Achieving maximum damage is possible with a little bit of luck. You don’t need all of these elements, but the more you have, the more damage is possible! You might be able to smash enemies with 3,000+ damage in a single hit if the stars align.