Minecraft Dungeons: How Endgame Power Level Works | Reaching 108 PL Guide

Your Power Level is the deciding factor in end-game grinding when you’re playing Minecraft Dungeons, and the game doesn’t quite explain how item level / power level works. Like in Destiny 2, you have an accumulative gear score that represents your total power — and the higher your gear score, the better loot you’ll find. In the early game, gaining levels and beating levels is the easiest way to increase your total score. In the endgame, everything changes.

Instead of simply gaining levels to progress, you’ll need to push your PL to the absolute maximum. If you don’t, you won’t get better items at all — if you’re confused why you’re not finding items that are better than what you already have, this is the reason: loot drops are all based on your PL.

If you don’t have the items equipped, they basically don’t count. Unlike in games like Destiny 2, where loot will dropped depending on the higher PL item in your inventory, Minecraft Dungeons requires that those items are equipped. Yes, even if they’re actually pretty bad.

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How Endgame Power Level Works | Reaching 108 PL Guide

To hit maximum PL in Minecraft Dungeons, you’ll need to change your inventory. Late in the endgame, you’ll start getting loot that’s really no better than what you’ve found — to really increase it, you need to make sure your PL is as high as it can possibly be.

Basically, there is no reason to open chests and purchase items from vendors if you’re not currently equipped with the highest PL gear possible. Your current PL is calculated by the cumulative score total of all the gear you’ve currently got equipped. Sometimes, higher PL items aren’t actually any better than what you’ve already got, but it’s very important that you keep anything higher than your current score. Why? Because there’s an easy way to boost your loot drops.

  • NOTE: Always equip your highest possible PL items before opening chests or purchasing items from the Blacksmith / Wandering Trader.

Loot PL is calculated by your character’s current PL, right before opening a chest or using the vendors. While farming, equip gear / enchantments that gives you a boost to emeralds dropped by enemies — then use the emeralds to purchase items from the shop. Make sure to equip the highest PL stuff possible (even if it isn’t good) while buying or opening chests, and you’re more likely to find better loot.

The Blacksmith and Wandering Trader aren’t really important at all before you complete the game. I recommend not wasting any emeralds buying in the early game — it’s better to replay levels at higher difficulties. Once you’ve finished the campaign, you’ll have a pretty good stock of emeralds you can use to farm better gear.

Just don’t forget that gear from treasure chests / vendors will only be better if your character’s PL is as high as it can possibly be. Switch out your stuff before buying / opening chests, and you’ll be good to go. That’s one tip I wish I knew.