Modern Warfare: Warzone – How To Unlock Bunker 11 & Earn a Hidden Weapon Blueprint | Easter Egg Guide

The bunkers have finally opened in Season 3 of Modern Warfare: Warzone — those insanely rare red keycards that drop from legendary chests will unlock bunkers hidden all across the map. But, there’s one bunker that no keycard will open. Finally, the phone Easter egg has arrived, and the clever Modern Warfare community has figured out every aspect of this perplexing puzzle.

Below, I’ll explain every step of the puzzle — it’s actually pretty easy. The hard part is just traveling to all the locations you need to go without getting killed. Obviously, you’ll want to run with an experienced team and catch a chopper so you can quickly skip around the map. You’ll have to reach four locations, use phones, and discover the secret code the unlocks the bunker.

For unlocking the bunker, you’ll earn an exclusive MP7 weapon blueprint.

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To enter Bunker 11 — the secret locked bunker in the northern section of the map, you’ll need to enter a secret code by inputting three randomly-selected numbers corresponding to three telephone locations. It sounds complicated, so let’s break it down.

  • How To Unlock Bunker 11: To begin, you need to land and interact with a random telephone.
  • You’ll get a dead telephone line, or you’ll get a speaker that announces three letters in Russian.
  • Each number corresponds to a different telephone location. Travel to the three numbers in order and interact with the phones to unlock Bunker 11.

Players have discovered which phones correspond to telephones — use the map below to navigate each number / phone location.

All phone locations.

Step #1: Finding A Phone

To begin, you need to use a random phone. Only certain phone locations will work, but you can use any of the locations listed below — you’ll get a dial tone or hear a Russian speaker announcing numbers.

Go to one of the following locations and interact with the phone here to begin. If you don’t hear a message, leave and try a different phone. If you need to hear the numbers again, use the message phone three times to reset.

  • Dam (On the west side.)
  • Port (Inside the main structure.)
  • Boneyard (Located in the southern building.)
  • BCH4 TV Station (There are two phones at this location.)
  • Downtown (Near the top of the skyscraper. Go down one floor from the rooftop.)
  • Superstore (In the car dealership nearby.)
  • Promenade East (In the building between the Promenade and the Hills.)

Step #2: Listen For The Russian Message

Once you have the Russian message, listen for three words — these are numbers. These numbers correspond to phone locations around the map. Go to the phones in the order the numbers are listed in Russian. Use the map above, and use the translations below to find all three spots.

  • Russian Translation:
    • 0 = nul’
    • 1 = odin
    • 2 = dva
    • 3 = tri
    • 4 = chetyre
    • 5 = pyat’
    • 6 = shest’
    • 7 = sem’
    • 8 = vosem’
    • 9 = devyat

Match the words to these translations, then travel to the locations on the map. Use the telephone — if you use all three of the correct telephones in order, you’ll unlock Bunker 11.

Step 3: Collect Your Reward

The MP7 PDW weapon blueprint is waiting inside the toxic bunker on the northern edge of the map. Pick it up, and the blueprint will automatically unlock. It’s a lot of work, but at least there’s something waiting at the end of the tunnel.