Modern Warfare: Warzone – 7 Tips To Help Win In The Gulag | 1v1 Redeployment Guide

When you die in Warzone Battle Royale, you’re sent to the Gulag.

The new mass-survival mode for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has a unique respawn system — in the Gulag, you’ll wait until you’re dropped into a 1v1 match against a random opponent. Whoever lives gets a second chance at life. You’ll only get one shot at earning your own respawn, and if you’re anything like me, you’ll probably only win about 50% of these randomized match-ups.

That’s because you’re probably making a few common mistakes. Masterful players know how to survive in this deadly game, and if you’re aiming to improve your win / loss ratio, we’ve got some handy tips to keep in mind whenever you’re in the Gulag — which is probably a whole lot.

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The Gulag is where you go when you die in Warzone Battle Royale. After going down, you’ll get dragged into the Gulag where you can watch the battles below. The timer in the top-right will countdown until you’re placed in a 1v1 match. This is similar to Gun Game — both players get an identical randomized loadout. The map is also randomized between three configurations.

At 40 seconds, a flag will appear in the center of the map. The first player to claim the flag will win. At 60 seconds, the match will end. Whoever takes the most damage will win — damage is permanent and does not heal. If both players survive without killing each other, both players will earn a Redeployment Token.

That’s how it all works, now let’s get into some of the best tips I’ve found so far.

#1: Push hard. Stick to the left / right lane and sprint on them. The trick is to rush them and move in slowly — act before they unlock Lethal / Tactical throwables.

#2: Push into the mid-area, then enter ADS. You move slower, so they won’t hear your footsteps. Pause in the center of the map to see if your enemy is rushing you too. If they’re not, go for a flank.

#3: You can practice your skills in the Gun Game mode. You’ll get a randomized loadout here, so it’s all pure gunfighting ability. Aiming for the head is important!

#4: If you want to play it safer, check your corners and wait for your Lethal / Tactical to unlock. Throw on the left with one, then on the right with the other. If you score a hit, you’ll see their location on the map.

#5: Be careful with Lethal. These take longer to throw, so you’ll get yourself killed more often than not while trying to lob one. Tactical is much faster. Use it to check an area for an enemy if you have no idea where they are.

#6: Noobs will go for the flag, but clever players will watch the flag and takeout anyone that tries to grab it. You can’t shoot (or look) while taking the flag, so it’s always a tricky proposition.

#7: Learn how to check corners. Don’t wheel your entire body around corners. Creep around corners so you’re not fully exposed when taking down an enemy. The more of your body that’s exposed, the faster you’ll die.

The Gulag is about quick wits and a faster trigger finger. Be aggressive, and go for the win before they do!