Modern Warfare: Warzone – 10 Hidden Features & Useful Gadgets You Need To Know About

Warzone brings some of that exciting Battlefield unpredictability to Call of Duty — the new Battle Royale mode gives you an impressive amount of control, and you can score some truly insane kills with the right gear. There’s so much you can do, there are some tricks you might not even realize are possible. That’s what this guide is all about.

We’re digging through the community to reveal 10 powerful tips you can keep in mind while trying to survive in the massive Verdansk map. Whether you’re unleashing UAV tricks, or chopping down parachuting players with your helicopter, there’s a lot of fun stuff you can do. This is about more than just the best strategies. This is about uncovering the most ridiculous methods for scoring kills, watching your back, or armoring up.

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#1: It’s possible to score kills before anyone even lands on the ground. Cut your chute and you’ll be able to aim your pistol — if you’re a good shot, you can get a kill or two while falling! And you can redeploy your parachute anytime.

#2: Rocks can be dangerous in the Gulag. Throw a rock at an active claymore placed on the ground to blow it up. If you time your rock throw just right, you can ruin some poor 1v1 operator’s day.

#3: You can load armor faster by holding [Triangle / Y] on console / controller. On PC / keyboard you’ll need to continuously tap the button to load your armor faster. Otherwise, you’ll load armor pieces one-at-a-time instead of slotting them all in at the same time.

#4: Collect faster with [Tap] to interact instead of [Hold]. Go to the Settings -> Controller -> Use / Reload Behaviour -> Toggle [CONTEXTUAL TAP]. Now you can open doors, open chests, and collect loot with a single tap. Just beware when using vehicles — one tap can make you bail out.

#5: Score an insanely easy kill by planting a tripmine on the ground beneath an ATV or any other vehicle. Just drop it, and leave the area! If there are players around, they might just use your booby-trapped vehicle. You’ll get a kill without even trying.

#6: Want to block roof access and protect your camping spot? Place a mobile cover gadget over the stairs in a stairwell to block access. Enemies can’t mantle up those! But, it’s a pretty clear indicator that you’re uptop. Might want to watch out for airstrikes.

#7: Deploy three UAVs at the same time to spot everyone on the map. And that means everyone — all 150~ players will appear on your squad’s map. You’ll see their orientation too.

#8: Helicopters aren’t just great for getting around. If players purchase Self-Revive or Redeployment Tokens, you can slice-and-dice parachuting enemies with your chopper’s blades. They’re easy pickings in the air!

#9: Using Loadouts, you can grab Perks you won’t normally get — like Stopping Power. After activating Stopping Power, you can swap abilities and the Stopping Power rounds will remain.

#10: Place C4 on your vehicle to transform it into an explosive ram. Toss two on the front just to be safe, then ditch out and set off the bombs once your vehicle crashes into the intended target. Great if you’re using an ATV and trying to takedown heavier Trucks or Jeeps.

That’s all the pro-tips I’ve found so far. We’re still digging deep for more Warzone secrets — continue to follow all our future guides for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare!