Battlefield V’s Battle Royale Mode, Firestorm Receives New Reveal Trailer; Set to Release End of March

EA and DICE have released a new trailer showcasing their highly anticipated battle royale add-on to the WW2 shooter, Battlefield V.

The long-awaited arrival of the battle royale mode for Battlefield V is coming to an end as the new mode will launch for all platforms on March 25. Firestorm is going to be the latest battle royale game to take on the gaming community, and from the look of the trailer, it looks like it will follow a more strategic-style game.

Check out the brand new Firestorm Battlefield V trailer down below:

In firestorm players will have to work together in order to survive, squads of four will drop and out of 64 players, one team will reign supreme. This is a unique take on the genre which fits the battlefield franchise perfectly. Strategic team-based play will be the major factor when it comes to Firestorm, will it be a hit or will it be disaster, we still are not sure.

Battlefield’s 5 Firestorm add-on will launch for free on all platforms on March 25th. Are you excited for the upcoming battle royale mode? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: YouTube