Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition – How To Craft Anywhere | Mobile Furnace Unlock Guide

Early in Xenoblade Chronicles, you’ll unlock the ability to craft gems — but you’ll have to return to crafting locations often to do it. If you’re sick of travelling back to designated sites, you can unlock a handy portable upgrade that allows you to craft crystals on-the-go. No backtracking required! And it’s something I completely missed in my original playthrough of the game.

Is the portable crafting station required in Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition? No, not really — the game is perfectly playable no mater what, but this upgrade isn’t even that difficult to unlock. You’ll be able to grab it once you reach Colony 6 and can begin working on upgrading the different areas. You don’t need to work on Colony 6 for long — if you focus on donating cash to the right spots, you can get this permanent enhancement pretty fast.

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How To Craft Anywhere | Mobile Furnace Unlock Guide

You can begin earning the Mobile Furnace — which allows you to craft crystals anywhere, anytime — after reaching Colony 6.

In the Colony 6 area, you can donate resources to rebuild and upgrade various functions of the settlement. You’ll get different rewards for upgrading different areas, but to earn the Mobile Furnace, you’ll need to upgrade everything!

  • Upgrade all areas of Colony 6 to Level 1 and you’ll earn the Ultra Small Reactor.
  • Take the Ultra Small Reactor to the Gem Man in Colony 9.

That’s all it takes. Upgrade every area in the Colony 6 Reconstruction project up to Level 1 and you’ll earn this item. Then, it’s just a quick trap to Colony 9 to collect your reward. This is a permanent upgrade, so you’ll be able to craft crystals at any time. That makes farming resources a little less annoying!

If you’re aiming to complete the Colony 6 Reconstruction, this is one of the first rewards you can earn. It’s one of the handiest extras to unlock in the game, and now you know what to do with that weird Ultra Small Reactor. Simple, right?