Minecraft Dungeons: Jungle Awakens DLC – How To Unlock Panda Plateau | Secret Level Guide

The Jungle Awakens DLC for Minecraft Dungeons gives you access to three new map locations, and a load of new loot to enjoy after you’ve completed the game. It’s a quick, cheap infusion of extra content, and if you’re aiming to experience everything there is in the DLC, you’ll need to unlock the very handy Panda Plateau. This colorful map is packed with cuddly pandas, making it an indispensable location.

On top of that, the Panda Plateau is a new mecca for farming tons of loot. Like other bonus mission locations, unlocking this area is completely random. Just follow the instructions below, and if you don’t see it the first time, replay the level and hope for better luck. Some level entrances will only appear at the start of a seed. It’s pretty annoying, but once you unlock the new area once, it’s unlocked forever.

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How To Unlock Panda Plateau | Secret Level Guide

The Panda Plateau Secret Level can be unlocked in Dingy Jungle. This is the first area of the DLC — and you may have to replay the level multiple times before the secret level puzzle appears.

To unlock, travel to the ‘Cross the Canyon‘ objective in Dingy Jungle and look for an optional, alternative path off the main road. If there isn’t a path here, or the path doesn’t lead to an entrance, you’ll need to exit and restart to regenerate the seed. If you’re lucky, a door will appear at the end of the path.

Inside, flip three switches to lower the barrier leading to the Panda Plateau scroll. Collect the scroll and you’ll be able to access the secret level from the zone select menu.

Panda Plateau is an especially good place to unlock for one reasons — it’s quick, and there are plenty of chests to grab. That includes valuable obsidian chests and 5+ gold chests. It’s easily the best place to farm for pure loot.