Pokémon GO: How To Get Flying Pikachu, Petilil & Ducklet | Fourth Anniversary Event Guide

Pokémon: GO is celebrating its fourth anniversary with an entire month of special events and Pokémon. Every week, new special Pokémon will appear for each team, and you’ll be able to get unique variations of your favorite Pokémon — including Pokémon in party hats, flying Pokémon, or ‘Summer-Style’ Pokémon. I really don’t know what that last one is, but I’m envisioning shades and a Hawaiian shirt. We’ll just have to wait and see, because these Pokémon won’t be available until July, and only for a limited time.

If you’re eager to catch Pokémon in party hats, or Pokémon that can unnaturally fly, then you’ll want to log-in for the weekly Fourth Anniversary events on Pokémon GO. Each week, there will be different Timed Research — the more trainers from each of the three teams complete the research, the more unique Pokémon species will be released. It’s all part of the big event, and even if you don’t take part in Timed Research, you’ll still find special Pokémon hatching or appearing in the wild.

There’s a lot to cover for the big Fourth Anniversary event, so we’ll try to summarize as best we can below. For all the information you could possibly use, check out the Fourth Anniversary announcement on the Niantic Blog, and the Pokémon GO Fest website here.

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For the month of July, the Pokémon GO Fourth Anniversary Event will unveil next Timed Research and new special Pokémon spawns each week. Let’s breakdown what you’ll find week-to-week.

  • Week 1: July 3, 2020 [8:00 AM] to July 8, 2020 [10:00 PM]
    • Pokémon wearing Party Hats will spawn during this event. They will appear in the wild, from hatching eggs, or in raids.
    • Flying Pikachu will spawn during the celebration, too!
    • Ducklett appears! Find it in the wild and from hatching 5km eggs.
    • Take a snapshot during this event for a special surprise!
    • Teams globally complete the Weekly Challenge 1 million times to unlock special Pokémon!
      • Team Valor: Chansey
      • Team Mystic: Alomomola
      • Team Instinct: Chimecho
  • Week 2: July 10, 2020 [8:00 AM] to July 15, 2020 [10:00 PM]
    • The Weekly Challenges are all about battle! But, you won’t encounter any special Pokémon this week.
    • Again, teams will globally complete Weekly Challenges 1 million times to unlock special Pokémon.
      • Team Valor: Alolan Marowak
      • Team Mystic: Alolan Grimer
      • Team Instinct: Ferroseed
  • Week 3: July 17, 2020 [8:00 AM] to July 22, 2020 [10:00 PM]
    • This week begins the Summer Event! Summer-Style Pokémon will spawn in the wild, hatch from eggs, and appear in raids.
    • Petilil appears! Petilil appears when it’s sunny outside, and can hatch from 5km eggs.
    • Summer-Style Pikachu has a chance to spawn in the wild!
    • Take a snapshot to make something special happen.
    • Like all month, Weekly Challenges can be completed globally by each team to unlock unique Pokémon.
      • Team Valor: Litwick
      • Team Mystic: Dratini
      • Team Instinct: Togetic