Pokémon GO: How To Fight Team Rocket GO | Invasion Event Guide

Team Rocket GO has arrived! Pokémon GO has been invaded by Team Rocket Grunts, and they’re taking over Pokestops left and right. To defend the Pokestops and send these grunts packing, you’ll need to fight them. Finding them isn’t too hard, but I’ll explain everything you need to know below.

The best reason to fight Team Rocket Grunts? You’ll get a chance to capture unique Shadow Pokémon! These Shadow Pokémon are slightly better than standard Pokémon, so if you’re looking to maximize your Pokémon roster, you’ll want to start hunting these rare Pokémon pronto.

Team Rocket are a common enemy in the Pokémon games, and although there’s no sign of Jesse and James, the two primary antagonists of Ash Ketchum, you’ll still get to face off against lots of the grunts.

Team Rocket GO is the newest incarnation — previous games, like Pokémon Ultra Sun / Ultra Moon also included unique variants. Team Rainbow Rocket were inter-dimensional travelers, taking over whatever they could! This game is a little simpler than that — they’re just after your Pokestops.

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How To Fight Team Rocket GO | Invasion Event Guide

To encounter a Pokémon Trainer battle against Team Rocket GO Grunts, you’ll need to locate an Invaded Pokestop. Invaded Pokestops are darker than standard Pokestops — look for a red ‘R’ marking these locations.

Spinning an Invaded Pokestop will make a Team Rocket GO Grunt appear — these battles are similar to standard Trainer Battles. You don’t have to fight the Grunt if you don’t want to! To fight them, just tap the Grunt and the battle will begin.

To defend a Pokestop and free it from Team Rocket GO, you’ll need to defeat the Grunt. Pick three Pokémon from your Pokedex and use Fast / Charged attacks to defeat them. Team Rocket Grunts often use Ghost or Poison type Pokémon, so be careful.

If you manage to win, you’ll be able to catch unique Shadow Pokémon, which are improved versions of standard Pokémon. Learn more about those in our companion guide.

More Pokemon GO tips, tricks, and FAQs: