Pokémon GO: Trade Evolutions Guide | How To Trade & Evolutions List

Trade Evolutions are totally new in Pokémon GO, and if you’re rusty on how Trading actually works in this massively popular mobile game, then we’re here to help. On this guide, I’ll cover how to Trade Pokémon, and all of the Pokémon that can evolve (at a reduced candy cost) after being traded. There’s a whole lot of Pokémon that benefit from this change, too!

Trade Evolution Pokémon work a little differently than in the main games. Normally, the -only- way to evolve certain Pokémon is to trade them. For example, Haunter can only evolve into Gengar in the main games if you trade Haunter. That isn’t how Pokémon GO works — instead, you can always evolve your Pokémon using the standard method; spending candy. Trade Evolutions just reduce the cost of candy to 0.

Basically, Trade Evolutions aren’t required. They’re just a super-handy way to save yourself some candy.

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Trade Evolutions Guide | All Trade Pokémon List

Trading works differently in Pokemon GO — you can’t trade over long distances, so you’ll need to be physically close to your friend to trade. Two Trainers can trade if you’re mutual friends. To trade, you (and your trading partner) must be Level 10 or above.

[NOTE: Child Accounts may not be able to add friends. Access the Niantic Kids Parent Portal to opt-in to friend requests.]

  • When you’re close to your friend — you have to be close by physically, you won’t be able to trade over the internet — access the Friends Tab.
  • On your Friends List, tap the Friend you want to trade with.
  • Tap Trade to open the trading menu. From here, you can trade Pokémon. A menu will appear with all of your current Pokémon.

Trading Pokémon can actually earn you bonus candy. You’ll earn more candy depending on the distance you’ve traveled between where a Pokémon was caught, and where a Pokémon was traded. If you do a lot of travelling, make sure to stop and trade a few Pokémon when you’re in a new place!

Trading costs stardust — and certain Pokémon can cost more to trade. Legendary Pokémon, Pokémon you haven’t yet caught, shiny Pokémon, and special forms of Pokémon are all considered Special. Therefore, they cost more stardust to trade.

Pokémon can only be traded once. Mythical Pokémon can’t be traded at all.

Trade Evolutions List

Evolving Pokemon through trading is a little different in Pokémon GO. First off, you need to remember that Pokémon can only be traded once. Pokemon can also evolve no matter what — trading is not required to evolve Pokemon. Trade Evolutions just remove the candy requirement to evolve. Pokemon that are eligible for Trade Evolutions cost 0 Candy to evolve after being traded.

NOTE: Pokemon can only be traded once, so if you trade away a Pokemon, you won’t be able to get it back to gain the evolution bonus.

  • Kadabra
  • Machoke
  • Haunter
  • Graveler
  • Boldore
  • Gurdurr
  • Shelmet
  • Karrablast
  • And more!

There are more Pokemon that can be evolved with Trade Evolutions in Pokemon GO. I’ll add them to the complete list as they’re discovered.