Nintendo Filed A New Mario & Luigi Trademark

Nintendo certainly won’t forget its mascot and it seems that the iconic Mario bros are going to be in a brand new video game. We are used to seeing Mario take center stage and with Luigi just having his third installment to the Luigi’s Mansion series release into the market, it’s not much of a surprise to see a new Mario & Luigi focused title. In a recent discovery online, it appears that Nintendo has filed a new trademark for the beloved duo.

LetsGoDigital happened to notice that a new trademark application for Mario & Luigi was submitted in South America. It’s worth noting that the application is for computer game cartridges so chances are we’re going to be seeing something new for the Nintendo Switch. Of course, the trademark doesn’t offer much in the realm of what the new installment will be about. The last we saw of the duo together was through the 3DS release of Mario & Luigi Bowser’s Inside Story & Bower Jr.’s Journey

With the 3DS more or less dropped after the highly successful Wii U successor, the Nintendo Switch, there are bound to be plenty of players out there who would love to jump into a new adventure with Mario & Luigi. Of course, with all that said, there is still the possibility that Nintendo is simply protecting its IP. Still, with the highly successful franchise and the cast of characters, we can’t imagine this is just a means to protect the IP but rather gear up towards another major release.

For those wanting to enjoy either a little more Mario or Luigi, both Mario Odyssey and Luigi’s Mansion 3 are available on the Nintendo Switch

Source: VG247