Pokémon GO: All The Shadow Pokémon You Can Catch (So Far!) | Full List

Not every Pokemon is a Shadow Pokémon in Pokémon GO — only a select few can be collected and purified in the mobile augmented reality game so far. If you’re curious to see which Pokémon can be given as a reward, we’ve got the complete list of all the Shadow Pokemon spotted in the wild so far. Just hit [Ctrl+F] on your computer to instantly search for your faves.

Shadow Pokemon are special — they’re enveloped in darkness, and they have a unique skill that no other Pokémon have. Purifying these Pokemon upgrades their stats and unlocks another unique power. To get them, you have to defeat Team Rocket GO grunts that have invaded Pokestops. Defeating Grunts gives you a chance to capture a Shadow Pokemon. It’s totally random, so for awhile we had no idea how many Pokémon could be shadow variants. Now we’ve got a pretty good idea.

All The Shadow Pokémon You Can Catch (So Far!) | Full List

Shadow Pokémon are special Pokemon variants that can be captured as a reward for defeated Team Rocket GO Grunts. For more information, check out our guide explaining how to fight Team Rocket GO, and how to purify Shadow Pokémon.

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