Pokémon GO: How To Access Social Features On Child PTC Accounts | Friends, Trainer Battles, Trading & Gifting Guide

Parents using Pokémon Trainer Club or Niantic Kids accounts to monitor their child’s smartphone usage and interactions can now opt-in for more extra features.

For years, players have been asking for more options — previously, social features like Friends, Trainer Battles, Trading and Gifting were strictly off-limits for children’s accounts. Now, it’s possible to switch those features on in Pokémon GO.

Niantic Kids and the PTC (Pokémon Trainer Club) both have parental features that block certain online interactions and allow parents to customize their child’s experiences online. For a very long time, these restrictions were locked, and couldn’t be changed. Thanks to an update from Niantic, many of these features are now unlocked.

For children younger than 13, social features like Friends, Trading, and more are automatically blocked. If Pokémon GO requires sending gifts or trading for challenges, these daily quests are automatically completed on a child’s account, so your kids aren’t missing out on any content.

How To Access Social Features On Child PTC Accounts

There are two ways to opt-in to social features. You can log-in on the Niantic Kids Parental Portal, or through the Pokémon Trainer Club website.

From there, you can allow different social features — Friends, Trainer Battles, Trading and Gifting. You can enable or disable these features at any time. If you opt-in to Friends, parents will receive a daily digest with all the friends your children have made that day.

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