Capcom Renews Deep Down Trademark

Deep Down is still holding out hope for a release into the market. Despite being nearly ten years now since the game was first revealed by Capcom, the studio is not giving up on the IP. If you don’t recall Deep Down then we wouldn’t fault you. At first, the game was quite a hyped-up release as it was first showcased in 2013 where it was set to be a PlayStation 4 exclusive. It also had a quite the anticipation release for the console as it was set to be a free-to-play title for the console platform early into the launch cycle of the console.

Overall, Deep Down was a dungeon crawler and while we didn’t get too many details on the title, it would seem that players would be traveling back in time and venturing in different civilizations. However, the game was constantly pushed back and years later, the IP would get renewed by Capcom. In fact, last year we heard a statement from Yoshinori Ono, the developer behind the game, had stated that there was no team originally intact from when the game was announced, however, the title was not completely given home up yet.

That doesn’t mean that there wouldn’t be a change in the near future in the title being dropped, but today we’re finding out that Deep Down’s trademark was renewed by Capcom once again. Perhaps this game would see a launch into the market for the PlayStation 5 or it may be completely reworked for a different game and the name is kept for the project. 

At any rate, if you were hoping to see this game release, it looks like Capcom is still potentially reviewing the possibility of getting a game out with the title Deep Down. Whether that’s the same title that they had envisioned originally or something completely different remains to be seen.

Source: Altchar