Capcom Is Not Giving Up On Deep Down

Deep Down is a cooperative dungeon crawler that was first revealed back in 2013. The game was announced to be a game exclusive to the PlayStation 4 set in the future in New York City. Players would have a unique power that would transport them into an ancient civilization just by touching an ancient relic. Likewise, the title was unveiled to be a free-to-play title that PS4 gamers could enjoy together without having to pay a subscription fee, much like other free-to-play titles on the console platform.

Since its announcement, we haven’t seen the game or heard about it. Instead, it looks like Capcom has kept up with the trademark for the IP but it’s unknown if the game will ever release or if it will be pushed back to the PlayStation 5 at this point.

Still, even after all this time, a new statement from a Capcom producer has come up in regards to Deep Down. Developer Yoshinori Ono was recently interviewed by Eurogamer and he slightly touched on the current status of Capcom and their IP Deep Down. We don’t get any concrete details about the game or what to expect in the future, but it does seem that Capcom is a bit optimistic about the video game.

The original team is clearly no longer together at this point, but people might have noticed that we’ve kept the trademark registered, and it’s not been completely given up on. Every year we examine titles we’re doing in the future, and we bring up projects to approve and move forward. There’s not much I can say about it, but if you’ve noticed we’ve kept the trademark it means we haven’t given up on the title completely.

Essentially it seems that the original crew that was in charge of putting together Deep Down have all been moved around and started work on other video game titles. But there is still something there and its enough to warrant Capcom to file a trademark to keep the right of the title. We don’t know if it will ever release but again as we mentioned earlier in this post, perhaps there is enough interest to make it a PlayStation 5 video game title release.

Source: Eurogamer