Capcom Files Another Deep Down Trademark

You may recall Deep Down but we won’t hold anything against you if the title has slipped your mind. The video game was announced by Capcom during the PlayStation 4 reveal event in which the game was to be a dungeon-crawler. Likewise, the title was slated to be a free-to-play video game for Sony’s current console, but since then, we haven’t really heard much about the game.

Overall, the game was set in New York City during the year 2094. Players take on the role of a Raven member, a group that possesses the unique ability to recover historical memories by touching ancient objects.

Capcom’s upcoming video game seemed to be inspired by a mixture of gameplay that resembles Dragon’s Dogma and Dark Souls, but for the past few years, the development of this project seemed to be in limbo. That is until today when it was discovered that Capcom had registered a new trademark for the project.

The video game is still covered by a past trademark by Capcom, but it appears the development studio has opted to further cover their efforts in making sure Deep Down stays rightfully theirs. So far, no comments have been made as to why Capcom has issued the trademark again, but perhaps with E3 coming up, we may finally get new details regarding the upcoming free-to-play video game.

Regardless, take a look at one of the trailers for the game posted above along with the game gallery down below while we wait for any announcements that may come from Capcom.