Capcom Refiles Deep Down Trademark

If you can recall the first few video game exclusive titles announced for the PlayStation 4 then you may remember Deep Down. This was a video game being developed by Capcom where it was advertised as a free-to-play online dungeon crawler. However, since its big reveal, Capcom has yet to release the video game IP.

Deep Down was shown off as a dungeon crawler where players would explore a vast amount of dungeons in order to collect artifacts. Through these special artifacts, players would be able to teleport into different dungeons, seek out treasure, and battle the monsters that dwell within.

One of the selling points for Deep Down was its tie to being a spiritual successor to the 2012 video game release, Dragon’s Dogma. Unfortunately, there’s no telling just when or if that video game will ever release.

In the past, the development team Capcom has filed to keep the Deep Down trademark and according to Gamerant, Capcom has once again filed to keep the project going. It would seem that the developers are not abandoning this video game quite yet, but since Capcom has nothing to show for their work these past few years, this renewal may indicate that they may finally have something planned out for this year’s Tokyo Game Show.

Again, there’s no word specifically if we will see Deep Down shown off anytime soon. For now, we’ll just have to wait and see what Capcom will bring to the event.