Pokémon Sword & Shield: Isle of Armor DLC – How To Beat Master Mustard | Final Trainer Battle Tips

Master Mustard is the final challenge of the Isle of Armor expansion — and he really doesn’t mess around. You’ll need to reach Level 75 to beat this guy, making him the toughest trainer (currently) in the game. If you’ve got a good strategy, it is possible to win even if you’re not Level 75. All you need are the right match-ups for each of Master Mustard’s killer Pokémon party.

Master Mustard is the leader of the Master Dojo on the Isle of Armor. You’ll encounter him a few times before the final match — you’ll need to defeat him when you arrive, and later in the Tower of Water / Tower of Darkness. He’s a tough nut to crack in the final battle, so we’re going to cover his Pokémon team, and how you can prepare to counter him.

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How To Beat Master Mustard | Final Trainer Battle Tips

After defeating Master Mustard in the Tower of Water / Tower of Dark, he’ll challenge you to one final match. This is the last challenge of the Isle of Armor DLC, and it’s purely for bragging rights. All you get for winning is a League Card of Master Mustard.

  • Recommended Level: Lvl. 75
  • Master Mustard’s Pokémon Team:
    • Mienshao [Lvl. 73 – Fighting Type]
      • Weak to Flying / Psychic / Fairie
    • Luxray [Lvl. 73 – Electricity Type]
      • Weak to Ground
    • Lycanroc [Lvl. 75 – Rock Type]
      • Weak to Water / Grass / Fighting / Ground / Steel
    • Corviknight [Lvl. 74 – Flying / Steel Type]
      • Weak to Fire
    • Kommo-o [Lvl. 75 – Dragon / Fighting Type]
      • Weak to Dragon / Fairie (x4) / Psychic / Flying / Ice
    • G-Max Urshifu [Lvl. 75 – Fighting / Water Type -or- Fighting / Dark Type]
      • Rapid Strike: Weak to Grass / Electric / Flying / Psychic / Fairy
      • Single Strike: Weak To Fighting / Flying / Fairy

To win this fight, you’ll want to bring Pokémon that can deal heavy damage to your opponents. Be prepared to swap Pokémon each round so that you can do the max amount of damage possible — naturally, you can always level up over 75 for all your Pokémon, but that isn’t necessary. A good fairy type Pokemon can do x4 damage to Kommo-o and Urshifu,

Always save your Dynamax power until the end of the fight. Master Mustard will wait to unleash his Dynamax with Urshifu every time. You can also purchase Max Potions and wait out the three-turn timer until Urshifu turns back to his normal size. Make sure you swap to a Pokémon that can survive fighting style and water / dark attacks — Flying / Psychic / Fairy are strong against fighting type, while Electric / Grass are good against Water Type. With Dark Type, bring a Fighting / Bug / Fairy.

After you defeat Master Mustard, you’ll be able to rematch him once per day. Just talk to him in the Master Dojo break room. There’s no reward — just lots of XP!