Minecraft Dungeons: How To AFK Farm Solo For Hours Of Easy Loot | XP & Emerald Grinding Guide

AFK farming is the new hotness in Minecraft Dungeons, and you can do it all solo. It isn’t the best way to earn high-tier loot, but you can earn XP for days and tons of emeralds just by leaving your PC or console on overnight. For best results, I recommend playing on normal so you don’t die, and waiting until you’re pretty high level — like, if you’ve completed adventure mode. When you’re ready, you can start raking in riches without doing anything at all.

How does this all work? I’ll explain in detail below, but you’ll need specific artifacts and enchantments to create an AFK farming build. You’ll need to be able to set-off artifacts automatically with a certain handy enchantment, and you’ll need to be able to heal yourself. There’s also a specific area you can travel to where enemies spawn endlessly, allowing you to sit and earn an infinite income of XP and emeralds.

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How To AFK Farm

To begin AFK farming, you’ll need to create a very specific build for your adventuring villager — without the following items and enchantments equipped, you won’t stand a chance.

  • AFK Farming Build:
    • Armor with both Thorns & Final Shout enchantments.
    • Two pet artifacts (Llama / Wolf / Stone Golem) and one healing artifact (Regeneration Totem).

Final Shout activates when you’re below 25% HP, automatically activating artifacts and ignoring cooldowns. Thorns deals damage to enemies that touch you, and your two pets will be doing most of the world. The healing artifact will keep you alive, automatically activating whenever you’re hurt.

For endless enemies, go to Pumpkin Pastures and reach the bridge event area. There are two levers here — don’t press the levers, just sit and let the enemies come to you. Don’t stand too close to the drawbridge, or your pets will get stuck in the geometry.

Now you can sit and collect an endless stream of XP and emeralds. You can leave your game on overnight and level up, then use your emeralds at the camp shops for high-powered new loot. Just boost your difficulty higher if you’re not taking enough damage! It’s really very easy, the trickiest part is just getting armor with both enchantments you need. After that, it’s smooth sailing to endless AFK wealth.