Destiny 2: Year 4 – The Eververse Is Getting A Massive Overhaul

Destiny 2 is currently suffering through a content draught between expansions, but the developers at Bungie aren’t resting on their laurels. While no new major expansion has been announced, there are changes coming to the game — and specifically to the Eververse store. A lightning rod of complains from the community, the Eververse store is where you can spend real money to get customization gear. And that’s about to change in the near future.

Detailed in a massive post on, it becomes very clear that the team are trying to recover during this slump by fixing some of the baseline problems with the game. Breaking it down to only the most important details, Guardians will be able to earn more custom gear, more unique weapons, and more unique armor in the Season Pass pursuits. Previously, custom gear like ships, ghosts and sparrows were locked behind the Eververse — and even stuff like armor was only accessible by paying with premium currency.

One of Destiny 2’s most hated features is about to get an overhaul. Let’s go over the most important details.

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Changes Coming To Eververse In Years 4

Change isn’t just coming to the Eververse store — changes to the Eververse system are rippling outward and altering just about every meaningful system in Destiny 2. There will be more pursuits for Season Pass owners, and more ways to earn Bright Dust and Bright Engrams.

  • Beginning Season 12, the Eververse will no longer sell Ghost shells, Ships, Sparrows, or Armor Ornaments based on the Battle Pass Aspirational Activities.

Aspirational Activities are ‘Pursuits’ you can accomplish to unlock new Pursuit Weapons, Pursuit Armor, and Exotic Customization. Aspirational Activities are totally free, and are not connected to the Season Pass or Eververse.

  • Aspiration Activities will have more and better rewards.
    • Each season will include a new Pursuit Armor
    • Aspiration Activities include completing Raids, Trials, Dungeons, and other activities.
    • All Aspirational Activities will reward Power, items, and Vanity gear.
  • Trials of Osiris — one of the Aspiration Activities — will have better rewards in Season 13.
    • Trials will give unique Armor, accessories, and weapons.
    • Trials will gain Adept Weapons.
    • Trials will get at least 1 new Armor set a year.
  • Raids — another Aspiration Activity — will give better rewards for players.
    • Raids will drop unique, totally new Armor, Weapons and Exotic Accessories.

In addition to new rewards from Aspiration Activities for free players to chase, Bungie is finally adding Transmogrification — a new feature that will allow you to customize the look of your character.

  • Transmogrification is coming to Destiny 2.
    • Guardians will be able to transform their favorite armor piece into a Universal Ornament that can be applied to any armor — allowing you to wear what you want and keep the benefits of your current armor set.
    • Transmogrification can be unlocked by spending Silver or as an in-game reward.

In addition to Transmogrifcation, Bungie is making Bright Engrams more useful, and earning Bright Dust easier.

  • Bright Engrams will now include more Year 3 Eververse items previously available only by purchase through Bright Dust / Silver.
    • Bright Engrams will always include items / vanity from 3+ Seasons prior.
  • Bright Dust will be made easier to acquire for just one character — instead of limiting Bright Dust to character-specific paths, the system will soon focus on account-specific paths.
    • According to Bungie, this will make it easier for solo players to earn more Bright Dust.

There are many more changes coming — including big changes to the Strike Playlists; Strikes, Gambits, and Crucibles. You can check out the full list of proposed changes on Bungie’s website.

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