Final Fantasy 7 Remake: How To Get A Bonus Elemental Materia | ‘Divine Gratitude’ Trophy Guide

Elemental is one of the most important Materia you’ll find in Final Fantasy 7 Remake — and normally, you’ll only get one as you complete the game. The Elemental Materia you’re most likely to find is located in Chapter 6. All you have to do is explore a corner of the plate underside that’s optional. It’s easy to get, and worth the quick trip before moving on to the next chapter. Elemental, when equipped and linked to Fire / Thunder / Aero / Blizzard gains that damage type — or damage reduction if linked to armor.

Well, there’s a second Elemental Materia and it’s incredibly easy to overlook. You’ll find an entire Trophy dedicated to this little collectible location. After collecting the ‘Letter From An Angel’, you’ll get that Elemental Materia reward and the ‘Divine Gratitude’ trophy. A second Elemental Materia is pretty important in the grand scheme of things, so let’s go over exactly how this mini-quest works.

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How To Get A Bonus Elemental Materia | ‘Divine Gratitude’ Trophy Guide

To earn the ‘Divine Gratitude’ trophy and collect an Elemental Materia reward, you’ll need to complete all the quests in Chapter 14 related to the Angel of the Slums. After completing those quests — you’ll find more info below — a secret note will spawn.

The secret note is located on the path from the Sector 5 Slums to the Church. You’ll find it on the ground, next to a piece of machinery. The note contains a thank-you from the Angel of the Slums, and a rare Elemental Materia.

To make this note appear, you’ll need to finish two Chapter 14 side-questsCorneo’s Secret Stash and Tomboy Bandit. Talk to Johnny at the Undercity Train Station to begin the Tomboy Bandit quest, and talk to the journalist north of the Sector 5 Slums town to begin Corneo’s Secret Stash.

You’ll need to find all three Corneo Secret Stash locations, open them, and collect the treasure. Completing Tomboy Bandit will give you the key to unlock the secret stash locations, and each secret stash contains a key item.

Trade the key items to the Sector 7 NPC at Evergreen Park. Once you’ve given all three jewels and completed the quest, you’ll be able to earn this trophy and gain your hidden prize.