Resident Evil 3 Remake: All Weapon Locations | ‘Kendo’s Armory’ Guide

Don’t miss out on any of the weapons in Resident Evil 3 — they’re all practically required, and you can miss them. The trusty Shotgun is one of the first weapons you can simply skip, and the all-powerful Magnum is incredibly easy to forget about. Here, we’ll cover all the weapon locations in the game to help you earn the ‘Kendo’s Armory’ achievement / trophy.

To get the reward, you’ll need to find four optional weapons in the story. The pistol and Carlos’s arsenal are mandatory, but everything else can be missed if you’re not searching carefully. There’s the shotgun, an enhanced pistol, a Grenade Launcher, and a Magnum. A perfect amount for Jill to handle just about anything the game throws at her — the shotgun pops zombie heads at close range, the Grenade Launcher is great for dealing with those Hunter Gammas, and the Magnum can down an unstoppable “Pale Head” in a single headshot.

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To earn the ‘Kendo’s Armory‘ achievement / trophy, you just need to find the following weapons while playing as Jill.

  • G19 Handgun: Prologue – Found on the first dead cop in the prologue. You can’t miss it.
  • M3 Shotgun: Subway Office – Located in a chained gunrack in the office. The [Bolt Cutters] are found in the Garage Safe Room, right after putting out the fire in the Toy Uncle Alley.
  • MGL Grenade Launcher: Sewers Office – On the table in the southern Sewers Save Room. When you reach the fork in the sewers path, go left to find it.
  • G18 Handgun (Burst Model): Makeshift Sickroom – Found in the Hospital after switching back to Jill. It’s on the counter to the left of the doors.
  • .44 AE Lightning Hawk: Hospital Courtyard – Go up to the second floor with Jill and climb through the barricade near the Nurse’s Station. Drop down to find the Magnum in a case.

Grab all of these weapons, and you’ll earn your achievement / trophy. There are still more weapons to unlock in the Armory — including a new pistol, and a new energy weapon that destroys enemies’ weak points!