Resident Evil 3 Remake: Buy These Items To Make Nightmare / Inferno Runs Easy | Shop Guide

Resident Evil 3 Remake is all about those replays. After completing the game on Hardcore, you can unlock two additional difficulty levels — Nightmare and Inferno. Not only are they way more difficult, you’ll also encounter remixed enemies and encounters. These hidden modes are the secret ingredient that makes RE3 incredibly fun to replay multiple times.

And you can make your runs faster with the shop. The shop is a special feature that unlocks after beating the game once. At the shop, you can buy powerful new gear that appears permanently in your Item Box. By completing challenges, you’ll get more points, which you can spend on items that you use to make even the hardest difficulty level a breeze.

Here, I’m going to recommend what items you really need to get first in the shop.

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After completing RE3 remake once, you’ll unlock the shop. You earn points by completing challenges — and you’ll earn lots of points just for completing hard difficult runs, or earning higher ratings. You can kill zombies to get huge point bonuses, and your score is cumulative.

Basically, if you’re looking to earn points, you need to slowly level yourself up, learning the campaign so you can finish it as quickly (and with no deaths) — below two hours is required to earn the best ranking. Buying the right items makes even the hardest difficulty level easy.

S.T.A.R.S. Gear is another cool bonus you can unlock at the shop.

Best Items To Get First | Hardcore Prep

Before you can easily complete Hardcore, you’ll want to grab a few items. A normal B~ Rank run in the Standard difficulty will get you enough points to unlock the following items.

  • Samurai Edge Handgun: This powerful handgun is better than Jill’s starting pistol. Critical hits are more common, and each bullet packs more power. A no-brainer to grab early.
  • Assault Coin x2: The effect of these coins stacks. Carry both in your inventory, and you’ll take down everything much, much faster. Less ammo required.

The double Assault Coins in your inventory can take up a lot of valuable space, so you might want to invest in a Hip Pouch to increase your carrying capacity. They aren’t required, though.

Save Up Your Points For Nightmare / Inferno

To beat the hardest difficulties in the game, you’ll want to grab one of the unlimited ammo weapons. They’re all expensive, but you’ll be able to get them if you can get S-Rank on any of the higher difficulties. The more powerful gear you get, the easier that task becomes.

  • CQBR Assault Rifle Infinite: The Assault Rifle with infinite ammo is all you need to shred every enemy and boss – and that includes Nemesis. Make sure to equip both Assault Coins to make everything a cinch.

The Assault Rifle is the best weapon in the game, and if you have the Infinite Ammo AR with both Assault Coins, you won’t need to ever waste time picking up ammo, weapons, or upgrades. You can focus on getting the key items only, killing enemies quickly, and earning your next S-Rank.

Using the Infinite Assault Rifle (with double Assault Coins) makes even the hardest achievement / trophy look possible — you don’t have to be an expert player to get an S-Rank in Inferno difficulty. Just don’t get bit!