Division 2: Warlords of New York – Find Keys & Generators To Summon New Secret Hunters In D.C.

Voracious Division 2 players are chewing through the ‘Warlords of New York’ expansion, and they’ve discovered yet another hidden hunter — but this time, you’ll find them in the Washington D.C. map. This addition only appears in the original game area, but you’ll have to solve yet another complicated web of steps to summon the big boss fight. Just like all the other hunters, these bosses are incredibly tough — and they’ll drop unique cosmetic masks if you manage to defeat them.

There are four new secret hunter bosses located in both maps, and we’ve got guides to help you track them down. You’ll need to solve a long series of clues to summon the ‘Dare You To Come Closer’ hunters, or track down four hidden flags and hang them up to make another patriotic hunter boss spawn. This extra Washington D.C. boss works kind of like the flag hunter in New York — instead of flags, you’ll need to find keys. The keys can be collected at any time, but the generators are only available at night. Hunters just love hanging out in the dark.

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[Work-in-Progress: We’re still looking for hunters! Check back soon for new updates.]

Step #1: Before you can get started on this proper, you’ll need to locate two hidden generator keys. Each key is located in the Washington D.C. map.

  • Key #1: South of the White House, enter the Christmas Village and look for a small present box. Loot it to get the first key. It’s near a trash bin just south / behind the village.
  • Key #2: The second key is located northeast of the Last Stop safehouse in Judiciary Square. Go to the Christmas Village just east of the District Union Arena Stronghold, and look for a small gift box near the stall labeled ‘American Bar & Grill’.
Go to the Christmas Village here to complete the rest of the steps.

Step #2: Next, you’ll be able to activate two generators with the keys you’ve found. The generators can only be activated at night in-game. From this point on, all steps must be completed at night.

  • Generator #1: The first generator is located in a Christmas Village just southwest of the District Union Arena Stronghold. Look behind the stalls to find the green generator box.
  • Generator #2: The second generator is located in the same Christmas Village area — it’s across the street, near a grey loot box.

Both Generators can only be activated at night, so you won’t get a prompt until night falls — even if you have the keys. There are multiple green generators in the area, but the keys will only work on two. Follow the yellow wires on the ground to locate the right generators easily.

Step #3: Attached to each of the two generators is a yellow wire — follow it to a lever box. You can activate the generators and yellow levers in any order; just follow the yellow wires, flip the levers, and you’ll complete this step. The levers can only be interacted with at night.

Step #4: Finally, you can return to the podium in the center of the Christmas Village with the two generators. There’s a button you can interact with — pressing it will summon a pair of deadly secret hunters.

If you’ve never fought a secret hunter boss before, you’ll want to prepare yourself for an extreme challenge. These hunters can kill you very, very quickly — friends will make life easier, but it’ll still be a crazy challenge at max level.

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