Dragon Quest of the Stars: How To Get Free Metal Keys & Gems | Treasure Maps Guide

Whether you’re trying to level up or roll for better gear, Metal Keys and Gems are the in-demand items you can always use more of in Dragon Quest of the Stars. Metal Keys give you access to special Metal Ruin dungeons, where you can earn XP way faster than anywhere else in the game, and collecting enough Gems give you gacha rolls where you’ll get new gear for your hero and companions.

Metal Keys are available at the Bazaar, and can be purchased with tokens — you can earn tokens from Daily Quests, while Gems be farmed through Treasure Maps, or just by playing with a ton of different people online. You can earn a maximum of 13500 Gems just by playing with other people in online cooperative coop. You’ll need to play with like 300 other players though, so you might want to get started on that.

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Gems and Metal Keys are the most useful resources in DQotS. Gems give you extra gacha rolls for equipment, and Metal Keys let you enter Metal Ruins dungeons for a quick burst of XP-earning. You can earn both by playing through the campaign, but if you’re looking for more daily rewards, you’ll need to complete some of the other activities.

  • Metal Keys: Metal Keys can be earned in the campaign or purchased in the Bazaar. You can trade Tokens for Metal Keys — Complete Daily Quests to earn Tokens, and save up those Tokens for Metal Keys!
    • You can also earn Metal Keys by completing Treasure Map challenges. Use the Mingle Feature to gain maps, or play through the story.
  • Gems: You can earn Gems in the campaign, but if you’re looking to earn lots of them, play Multiplayer Missions! Play with 300~ people to earn a grand total of 13500 gems. If you haven’t messed with multiplayer, you really should give it a shot.
    • Gems can also be dropped from Treasure Maps. Get maps from the Mingle Feature (or find them during the story) and complete the challenges to earn rewards.

You’ll earn a random Treasure Map daily. They have random quests / rewards, but you can store up to 50. After completing a map, you can share with other people online — and collect the map they’re sharing too. It’s a great way to work together, get more maps, complete more challenges, and earn useful stuff like Metal Keys / Gems.

Gems are a little more rare on maps — maps will typically only drop 10 Gems at a time, but you can also find Metal Keys / Liquid Metal Keys, so be on the lookout. Don’t bother completing every treasure map, just store them for later — let the worthless ones expire, and complete the others. You can finish 3 maps a day, and stockpile 50 in total. Some will expire in a few days, so make sure to complete the maps with the rewards you want.