Dragon Quest of the Stars: How To Reroll Fast & Get The Best Starting Equipment

Your first rolls are some of the most important in any ‘gacha’ game — games like Pokémon Masters or Fire Emblem Heroes give you a few random rolls at the start of your mobile adventure, but you can always reset with a quick delete and reinstall. Dragon Quest of the Stars is the same way. While the new mobile Dragon Quest is perfectly playable no matter what you get, some players prefer to start with optimal equipment. If you’re playing on the BlueStacks emulator for PC, or on Android, it’s possible to reroll much faster than usual. You won’t have to delete the entire app and reinstall — you can just use the methods in the full guide below.

If you’re not familiar with BlueStacks, it’s a popular emulator for playing mobile games on PC. It’s 100% legal — it’s just for getting those Android games off Google Play onto your standard computer or laptop. It’s a free download, so there’s no reason not to check it out if you’re looking to play mobile games at home.

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There are two methods you can use to quickly reroll. One requires an Android phone, and one requires the Bluestacks Emulator.

Reroll Method #1: Android

This useful method was shared by u/Elaeagniolia on Reddit. You’ll need to fully download and play Dragon Quest of the Stars on your phone, then use a File Explorer to locate specific files!

  1. Launch Dragon Quest of the Stars and access the title screen, then close the app. Once it is completely closed, move onto the next step.
  2. Open your Android File Explorer, and locate the DQotS installation folder.
    • Installation Folder: /data/com.square_enix.android_googleplay.dgs/files
  3. Delete the 4 / 5 most recently generated files in the folder.
    • 63ef90b8670c197cbbbb5f781d2b60fc-1
    • 45053c70a03538459278f729c29df49c-1
    • 914ad67479f5d85a960a3acd4e542b9b-1
    • ea5749ba6dfb22134e65791eadd313ca-1
    • 2dbd461b8245bfe37273be6388bde2d8-1 (May not be present. Delete if it is!)

Now you can restart Dragon Quest of the Stars! You’ll need to check your files, then complete the tutorial to claim your Gem reward.

Reroll Method #2: BlueStacks Emulator

On PC, you can use this alternate method that will allow you to roll extremely quickly with the BlueStacks Emulator. This method was shared by u/trixt on Reddit.

  1. Download and install Dragon Quest of the Stars on the BlueStacks Emulator. Once it is fully installed, you can begin.
  2. Create a new Instance with the Bluestacks Multi Instance Manager. When it is fully installed, rename your new instance so you can easily identify it.
  3. Copy the new instance as many times as you can. Whatever your computer can handle.
  4. Play through the tutorial, collect your gems, and do some rolls.

That’s two methods for getting some good gear right from start. I also recommend aiming for those sweet Metal Weapons — they’re not required for the high-XP Metal Ruins, but they make life a whole lot easier.