Pokémon Masters: How To Evolve & Mega Evolve Your Pokémon | Evolution Guide

Gacha and Pokémon are united in Pokémon Masters, the latest mobile version of Pokémon available on iOS and Android devices. Basically, it’s a phone game and you can complete missions with your gang of Pokémon (and their linked trainers) to gain levels, earn coins, and randomly roll for new Pokémon to add to your growing collection.

This is a totally different genre of game compared to standard Pokémon entries or even Pokémon GO. That means evolutions have changed. Most Pokémon here can’t simply evolve — you’ll have to get a random roll or unlock them in the story to get the fancy Pokemon you want. But, a handful can evolve and a few more can even Mega Evolve.

If you want to know how to evolve your Pokémon, check out the quick guide below for a simple explanation of this mechanic.

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How To Evolve & Mega Evolve Your Pokémon | Evolution Guide

The Simple Explanation: To level up Pokémon, you need to reach Level 30 or Level 45 to unlock a special battle. Complete the special battle, and your Pokémon will evolve.

There’s more to it than that, though! To unlock the special battles for your first evolution (Lvl. 30), you’ll need to purchase 5 Evolution Shards. These shards can be purchased in Tricia’s Shop — the first 5 Evolution Shards cost 1,000 coins. But, the price goes up the more Shards you purchase, so use those first 5 shards wisely.

For your second evolution (Lvl. 45) you’ll need to purchase more Evolution Shards — and they’re a lot more expensive. You can purchase more coins with microtransactions or slowly grind out the coins yourself.

NOTE: Remember, you’ll have to manually unlock higher trainer levels to reach Lvl. 45.

All The Pokémon That Can Evolve

  • NOTE: Only specific Pokémon paired with specific Masters can evolve.

Chikorita -> Bayleef (Lvl. 30) -> Meganium (Lvl. 45) — [LYRA]

Piplup -> Prinplup (Lvl. 30) -> Empoleon (Lvl. 45) — [BARRY]

Seel -> Dewgong (Lvl. 30) — [PRYCE]

Snivy -> Servine (Lvl. 30) -> Serperior — [ROSA]

Surskit -> Masquerain (Lvl. 30) — [VIOLA]

Totodile -> Croconaw (Lvl. 30) -> Feraligatr (Lvl. 45) — [KRIS]

How To Mega Evolve

Mega Evolution works different here. By unlocking special Sync Moves. Sync Moves, once learned, cause Pokémon to evolve into Mega Pokémon. Here’s a quick list of all the mega-evolutions currently known.

  • Mega Beedril [BUGSY]
  • Mega Gengar [AGATHA]
  • Mega Houndoom [KAREN]
  • Mega Lucario [KORRINA]
  • Mega Pidgeot [BLUE]
  • Mega Pinsir [NOLAND]

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