Pokémon Masters: 10 Helpful Tips To Get Started & Stay F2P | Beginner’s Guide

Pokémon Masters is a game designed to siphon money out of the player — it’s a Gacha game on iOS and Android. You spend gems (which you can purchase with microtransactions or earn slowly in the game) to purchase rolls — each roll gives you a chance to unlock a cool Pokémon / Trainer, which you can then use to play through the story. That’s the basic gist of it, but if you’re here, you’re probably looking for more in-depth tips and tricks.

To help you play Pokémon Masters without spending any unnecessary real-life cash, here’s our 10 best tips and strategies for staying F2P. There’s a lot you need to know about this little game, and if you’re looking to farm for items, reroll on startup, or evolve the best possible Pokémon, we’ve got tips for all that. Of course, you can also use these tips and spend a little bit of money. We won’t tell anyone.

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#1: You Can Delete Your Save File For a 5* Roll… If You Have The Patience

If you’re looking to get a 5* Master / Pokémon, you can easily do it by deleting your save file right at the start of the adventure. Once you get to your first real battle in the story, you’ll have 300+ gems you can use to roll for a reward. If you don’t get a 5* reward for your 300 gem purchase, just delete your save file and start over.

Obviously, this can take a lot of patience, but it will help you get started right with a powerful Pokémon. Don’t miss your Daily Login Reward for 100 gems!

#2: The AI Can Be More Helpful Than Real People

The AI will always respond when you use the Quick Chat! If you tap ‘Heal Me’ — the AI will always try to heal you. It’s just one of the benefits of playing with AI companions. You can play with friends, too — just don’t always expect them to listen when you ask for help.

#3: Look For A * Next To The Name Of A Master

When you’re spending gems to unlock Masters, you’ll want to pay attention to one tiny detail — a “*” next to the name. That means that the Pokémon / Master combo can evolve!

Only a small number of Masters / Pokémon can evolve. Chikorita (Lyra), Piplup (Barry), Seel (Pryce), Snivy (Rosa), Surskit (Viola), and Totodile (Kris) are the only Evolutions so far.

#4: Save Up Your Coins For Evolution Shards

Evolution Shards are sold in Tricia’s Shop, and they’re some of the most valuable items in the game. Save up and use your coins to purchase those Evolution Shards — the first 5 cost 1,000 coins. You’ll need them to evolve Pokémon like Snivy (Rosa). Snivy becomes one of the best Tanks in the game right now, so evolve her first!

#5: Bulkyness Determines Which Pokémon Gets Attacked Most Often

Positioning doesn’t matter when you’re forming a team. You (middle) and your friends (left / right) can be positioned in any way you want — the only factor that determines which Pokémon gets attacked first is by Bulkyness. This is a common mistake lots of players are making in the early game, but positioning does not matter.

Certain Pokémon like Dusclops and Serperior are the best tanks. They’ll always get attacked first!

#6: You Can See If A Pokémon Can Evolve / Mega Evolve With Two Methods

To see if a Pokémon can evolve, other than looking for the “*“, by checking if the Pokémon has any additional forms in the Pokedex. To see if a Pokémon can mega evolve, look in the Poryphone menu in the Pokedex to see all sync pair movesets. Pokémon mega evolve when performing specific sync pair attacks — even when you’re Lvl. 1 you can check out all the potential of a Pokémon.

#7: To Increase Your Level Cap, Complete The Bellis Training Course

Normally, you’re stuck at a Lvl. 30 Level Cap. To increase it, you need to enter the Training Area and complete the Special Training Chapter with Bellis. This is important for two reasons. Higher levels mean you can complete courses easier, and Lvl. 45 Pokémon can evolve a second time.

#8: Invest In Leveling Up Rosa & Snivy

Rosa is one of the best AI companions — not only is her Lvl. 45 Pokémon Evolution the best tank in the game, she’s also incredibly helpful to have thanks to her buffs. If Rosa is on your team, she gives you an automatic Stat Boost and increases the Move Gauge Refresh rate.

Rosa’s Snivy can evolve twice. At Lvl. 30 Snivy can become Servine, and at Lvl. 45 Servine can become Serperior, one of the best tanks in the entire game.

#9: You Don’t Lose Evolution Shards / Stones If You Fail The Special Battle

Evolution Shards and Stones are incredibly expensive later in the game, especially if you’ve purchased some already. The price goes up for every purchase, and trying to get the Stones is hard enough already — it can cost upwards of 300,000 coins!

It’s a relief then that Evolution Shards / Stones are not wasted if you fail a Special Mission to evolve your Pokémon. You can repeat these missions as often as you want without worrying about re-buying the valuable items you need.

#10: Use Barry / Empoleon & Rosa / Serperior To Endlessly Grind Training Courses

The best way to grind in the game (so far) is by completing Training Courses. The best team for grinding is Barry / Empoleon & Rosa / Serperior. You’ll want to invest in evolving both of them for the end-game, and then you can focus on essentially auto-farming. You’ll want them to be high-level, 75/85 respectively.

This handy farming method was shared by u/iLandHits on Reddit. Check out the thread for more details.