Streets of Rage 4 Gameplay Footage From PAX West Appears Online

Streets of Rage was an iconic video game franchise and an excellent side-scrolling brawler. It was released back during the days of the Sega Genesis and while years have passed by, Sega finally allowed this IP to once again see a release into the market with a brand new installment. We’ve known for a good while now that Streets of Rage 4 was in the works, though today we’re finding new gameplay footage released through a YouTube channel. This footage comes from PAX West and it showcases the in-game level Stage 6.

There’s plenty of information we’re still waiting to hear about this game such as the premise. We know so far that the title will take place ten years after the events of Streets of Rage 3 and while we have Axel and Blaze featured from the past installments, a newcomer has been added in. The latest character added to the roster is Cherry who is the daughter of Adam Hunter from the original Streets of Rage and Streets of Rage 2 video games.

With the PAX 2019 gameplay demo footage, we get look at Cherry and Axel fighting alongside each other as they make their way through countless enemy characters, some of which you may find familiar if you played the original titles. Streets of Rage 4 does not currently have a release date attached quite yet though we do know the game will launch on PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms.

Source: YouTube