Pokémon Masters: How To Grind Levels Easily | Auto-Battle Guide

Grinding is just a way of life when you’re playing mobile games like Pokémon Masters. To gain levels quickly, you’ll need a strong team that can tank lots of hits and still come out swinging, and the Pokémon Masters community have already uncovered the best possible team for grinding Training Missions endlessly using the auto-battle feature.

Using this handy little feature, you can send a team into a fight and let them win while the AI controls your Pokémon. It isn’t the most efficient way to grind, but it is the laziest — you don’t even need to pay attention to the screen and you’ll be able to grind all day without putting in lots of effort.

Using this method, you can grind and earn all the items you need to level up your Pokémon team. To get this far, you’ll need to play a lot though, so this isn’t a method for beginners. You’ll want to work toward this team early.

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How To Grind Levels Easily | Auto-Battle Guide

The grinding method was shared and detailed below by Redditor u/iLandHits.

To start grinding levels easily, you’ll need to create a perfect team. You’ll also want to grind the Training Area courses — the Level-Up Course, Strike Course, Tech Course, Support Course, Level-Up Supercourses, and so on. Next, you’ll also want to find the Auto-Battle command. While auto isn’t required, the team and method are absolutely built with auto-battle in mind.

  • The Level Grinding Team — Allies:
    • Barry & Empoleon [Make sure the attacker is lower level.]
    • Rosa & Serperior [Make sure the tank is higher level.]

To evolve, you’ll need to get Barry’s Piplup to Lvl. 30 and his Prinplup to Lvl. 45 and complete the special battle missions that unlock. The same goes for Rosa’s Snivy and Servine. Evolve them both — Empoleon is a powerful striker, and Serperior is the best tank in the game.

Empoleon has a Damage Buff that increases depending on how much the Move Gauge has been filled. Buy up all the Move Gauge Capacity upgrades you can ASAP to make Empoleon even stronger.

One important factor for grinding is that tanks need to be higher level than the other fighters in your team to make sure they always take priority by enemies.

You can repeat the courses as often as you want — the Training Area can be completed by basically any Pokémon, but these two Pokémon can run the courses very, very quickly even on Auto, allowing you to re-run more efficiently.