Pokémon Masters: All The Pokémon & Trainers You Can Collect | Sync Pairs List

Sync Pairs are the Pokémon / Trainer combos you’ll recruit as you play through Pokémon Masters, the new iOS and Android incarnation of the long-running franchise. Instead of catching particular Pokémon, you’ll team up with trainers from the series history, and each one is synced with their favorite, most iconic Pokémon pals.

If you’re curious to see which Pokémon trainers are available to team up with, here’s the complete list in order of Star rating. You can get Pokémon Sync Pairs rated by rarity — three stars, four stars, or five stars. There are two ways to recruit Sync Pairs; playing through the story will unlock some, while others are exclusive to the Sync Pair Scout system. To scout, you’ll have to spend gems for random rolls, hoping to get the pairs you want to see the most.

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All The Pokémon & Trainers You Can Collect | Sync Pairs List

Sync Pairs are Pokémon / Trainer combos that you can unlock in the story mode or by spending gems in the Sync Pair Scout feature. Sync Pairs come in three rarities — three star, four star, or five star. Fiver Star Sync Pairs are the best, so you’ll want to cross your fingers and hope luck is on your side to get these awesome trainers.

Check the links below for a closer look at each trainer. The Sync Pair list was compiled by Android Central.

Sync Pairs – Five Star

Sync Pairs – Four Star

Sync Pairs – Three Star

That’s all the Sync Pairs in the game (so far)! Thanks to the game’s spectacular popularity, I imagine we’ll be seeing many, many more Sync Pairs in the future.