Blair Witch Game Breaking Bugs Reported Online

Blair Witch is a new horror title that released in the market that is a game adaptation from the film series. Overall the game received a 70 on Metacritic for its PC platform release, however, some issues are being reported online that may have held it back from reaching a better rating. The video game itself is still rather new as it just launched back in August of this year so more updates are bound to hit the game shortly. Speaking of bugs, there are reports of some issues that the game is still needing to be tweaked.

According to the reports from users on NeoGaf, it looks like there are reports of the game locking up and crashing. Likewise, other reports from the forum suggest that players are dealing with glitches that will prevent players from progressing further into the narrative, some of which may be at the very end of the game.

According to the user, Corrik, when getting to a rock formation that was supposed to disappear after the scenery changed actually glitched and stayed in place which left him stuck. It’s a few issues that could take you out of the experience, but some bugs are likely going to be fixed sooner than later after all we’re only just a few days outside of the game being launched. With that said, have you noticed anything unusual with the game yourself so far? In the meantime, take a look at the trailer for the game above along with a game gallery below.

Source: NeoGaf