Dragon Quest of the Stars: Get More Chests With Combo Meals | Luck & Multiplayer Guide

There’s a critical tactic that many Dragon Quest of the Stars players are ignoring in high-level event mission — combo meals! Combo Meals give special effects to your entire team, and there are six types of Combo Meals you absolutely need to know about. By combining Slime Buns found in event dungeons, you can get a variety of massive buffs for your party. Most of them are luck based, and you can increase your luck by +30 or even +60 with the right combination of buns.

It’s absolutely essential for kicking butt in hard mission, and it buffs your allies in the process. Working together with other players to get these Combo Meal buffs is essential, and if you’re wondering why you keep getting kicked from multiplayer groups, it might be because you’re not contributing to the combo meal collab. You can even unlock an insanely good XP buff by combining Metal Slim Buns. Below, I’ll detail all the Slime Bun combos you need to know about — they’re all very simple and straightforward, just don’t miss out!

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To complete the DragonLord events in multiplayer, it helps to buff your group with combo meals! The best combo meals are made by eating Slime Buns, collected from Event Dungeons, to give your entire team a boost.

  • NOTE: What’s so great about luck? The more luck you have, the more likely you are to earn extra chests for completing challenges! Every +1 Luck is +1% chance to get a chest. If your team has +150 Luck total, you’ll always earn +1 Chest (100%) and a +50% chance for a second chest.

Combine the following sets of Slime Buns to get powerful buffs that work on your entire multiplayer team.

  • x1 Slime Dumpling, x1 Sweet Slime, x1 Potato Slime, x1 Pizza Slime
    • Luck +60
  • x4 Slime Dumplings
    • Luck +30
    • -25% Fire Breath Damage
  • x4 Sweet Slimes
    • Luck +30
    • -25% Dark Breath Damage
  • x4 Potato Slimes
    • Luck +30
    • +90% Dazzle Resistance
  • x4 Pizza Slimes
    • Luck +30
    • -40% Sizz Damage
  • x4 Metal Slime Buns
    • +300% XP

The best combos are the Metal Slime Buns for XP earning and one of all four types that give you a massive +Luck buff. If you need specific protection, like Dazzle Resistance or Fire Breath Protection, you’ll want to aim for those specific combo meals.

The real trick is just getting a team of random players to coordinate properly. Hopefully teams will know better in the future! This feature is way too useful to miss.