Dragon Quest of the Stars: How To Farm XP Fast | Best Ways To Level Up

Dragon Quest of the Stars is a popular gacha game that’s finally available for western audiences to play. In this mobile game, you control a team of heroes trying to save the day — the story is simple, but the gameplay is all about getting better equipment with ‘gacha’ rolls. It’s kind of like getting new gear from a capsule toy machine.

And sometimes leveling up can be slow. If you’re aiming to keep up with the increasing threat of enemies and bosses, you’ll need to grind levels sometimes. There are a few ways you can do it — but one of the best methods is all about acquiring Metal Keys. These rare keys can be used to give you access to a Metal Slime Dungeon that’s great for earning tons of XP. There are other ways to gain levels, too. Let’s talk about the top three methods you can easily grind for XP and level up in Dragon Quest of the Stars.

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Method #1: Metal Keys

As you progress through the game, you’ll earn Metal Keys. These special keys give you access to the Metal Ruins Dungeon — and that’s where you’ll earn a ton of XP. You can also purchase extra Metal Keys from the Bazaar if you need to visit more often.

Before entering a Metal Slime Dungeon, it helps to have Metal Weapons. Those will make clearing the dungeon a lot easier. You’ll also (maybe) want to swap vocations for all your characters. Switching to a different vocation that you haven’t level-up yet will help you earn tons and tons of extra levels.

Method #2: Join Other Parties Online

Here’s a very simple one. If you join other parties online, you won’t lose any stamina, and you can play on high-level maps. Your party members won’t earn any XP, but your main character will. This simple method is best used if you want to grind your MC to their max level to earn all those nice Vocation Benefits and bonuses.

Method #3: Grinding Locations

The final method is the most straightforward — just grind specific locations to earn a lot of XP. This is best if you’re a low-level player and just need some quick XP. Here’s a few handy locations you can try for yourself.

  • Alltrades Abbey – Troll: 90 XP / 1 Stamina
  • Green Dragon Stage 1: 80 XP / 1 Stamina
  • Cave of Training – Jackanape: 120 XP / 3 Stamina

There are other spots you can grind endlessly for XP, but those are a few that give you a good ratio of XP / stamina cost. The trick is using the least amount of stamina to earn the most amount of XP.

That’s the simple, straightforward way to earn the most XP you can in Dragon Quest of the Stars. If you’re just getting started, and don’t want to get charged for your free Star Pass subscription, you might want to check out our quickie iOS guide.