14 Best (& Hardest) Boss Battles Of 2019

Johnny Deepend (Luigi’s Mansion 3)

Near the end of Luigi’s Mansion 3, you’ll enter the high-class fitness club at the top of the haunted hotel. There, you’ll face one of the most creative bosses of the game — a guy that sprays water at you! For a ghost, it doesn’t sound too dangerous. But,water is deadly for your pal Gooigi.

To defeat Johnny Deepend and drain his pool, you’ll need to distract the boss with Luigi while sending Gooigi to sneak toward the two drainage valves in the back. It’s a very creative fight, and it’s my personal favorite in the game — it requires tight teamwork and a little bit of sneaking skill!

General Lothar (Wolfenstein: Youngblood)

And finally, we end with a boss that’s so tough, he’s likely to cause the entire game to glitch out — which happened to me twice. General Lothar is the multi-stage final battle of Wolfenstein: Youngblood — and he’s shockingly tough. You’ll fight him on the rainswept roof of a Nazi skyscraper at the center of Paris, and he can kill the two Blazkowics sisters in seconds. When he’s not chasing you in his jetpack-equipped super-suit, he summons jet fighters to strafe you from the sky. Even if you’re hiding, you’re bound to die from a surprise salvo.

For being an incredibly frustrating final boss, General Lothar manages to remain memorable even in a bite-sized version of a full Wolfenstein game. He’s also a complete psycho, which makes his earlier cutscenes a hoot to watch.

There are so many amazing boss battles that didn’t quite make this list — let us know your favorites! There’s a whole lot of boss fights out there, and I love them all.