14 Best (& Hardest) Boss Battles Of 2019

Elodie (Wargroove)

The final boss of the Wargroove campaign is a nightmare that’s above-and-beyond anything you’d find in the Advanced Wars games Wargroove is emulating. In the final battle of the main story, you’ll have all the commanders working together to defeat Elodie, a ghostly abomination with the power to mind-control any of your heroes. Every few turns, Elodie will take control of a hero unit — they’ll try to kill your units, or kill themselves with a suicidal move.

The trickiest part? If any of your commanders die, you’ll lose the battle immediately. In a battle that can take well over an hour, with no checkpoints (checkpoints were added later in a patch, thankfully!) — it’s enough to give me gaming PTSD. One mistake, and this battle could end in an instant. For that alone, this boss belongs on our list.

Headhunter (Katana ZERO)

Another final boss, and one of the best battles in the game. Headhunter is the leader of the terrorists, and your primary enemy in Katana ZERO. Like your drug-addled samurai, Headhunter can see the future — to defeat him, you’ll have to outmaneuver a man that already knows all of your moves.

Live, die, repeat — dying dozens of times until you can strike at the perfect time. like Groundhog’s Day condensed down into a single battle. It’s a thrill of a fight and a puzzle all in one. You’ll have to memorize all of your enemy’s moves to eventually pull off a victory. Just watch above and see this crazy battle play out, over and over, in real-time.

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