14 Best (& Hardest) Boss Battles Of 2019

Raznid (Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain)

The biggest boss in any game ever, Raznid is a walking island in Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain. Bigger is always better in this over-the-top alien invasion game, and Raznid is the biggest monster to ever grace the series. That’s saying a lot, when previous games featured a mothership that was literally the size of the entire sky. It takes multiple missions, several encounters, and a final battle against the mangled heart at the core of Raznid to finally destroy it.

For taking the size of this monster beyond the limits of sanity — seriously, this thing is 1,000 meters tall, taller than skyscrapers, and you’re a ground-bound doofus trying to shoot it — that makes it a well-deserving boss. What makes this guy special is how you can interact with it, and how it moves; other gigantic bosses in the series are basically static objects. This is a thing, and it gets pissed.

The Dread Dormmamu (Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order)

The most annoyingly difficult boss of Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order isn’t Thanos himself. No, it’s the bizarre Dread Dormammu — where you’ll have to use a weird mechanic to damage this guy. He’s a demon from another dimension, and you might recognize him as the unstoppable demon at the end of Dr. Strange.

Instead of just beating up Dormammu like any other enemy in the game, you’ll have to throw rocks and enter weird bubbles while fighting invincible minion monsters. For all the weird mechanics involved, this guy is seriously the boss that gives most players trouble on any difficulty. He’s a big jack-o-lantern face weirdo, and we all hate him for good reason.

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