Earth Defense Force 5: How To Farm Inferno Weapons | Best Missions Guide

To get the best guns in Earth Defense Force 5, you’ll need to play the hardest missions. Selecting ‘Inferno’ as your difficulty tends to be a death sentence in EDF5 — but if you manage to survive, you can walk away with insanely powerful weapons you can use to absolutely crush the lower level missions. These weapons are awe-inspiring in how much devastation you can spread, and they’re just plain awesome.

The trick is finding an ‘Inferno’ difficulty mission your lowly self can survive. EDF5 adds a helpful new feature that lets you keep a percentage of the weapons / armor you pick up, even if you fail a mission. That isn’t the case for ‘Inferno’ — if you die, you lose everything. You keep nothing. So that means, we’ll have to find a few ‘Inferno’ missions you can complete without all the hassle.

Here, I’m going to list the best possible missions to farm for high level weapons. These missions aren’t just great for ‘Inferno’ gear. You can also hunt down ‘Hardest’ difficulty stuff in bulk by replaying these missions.

How To Farm Inferno Weapons | Best Missions Guide


Inferno (and Harder / Hardest) difficulty unlocks after completing the story. You can play missions in any order, at any difficulty level. The following missions are good for farming at any difficulty level — even if you’re a humble Normal player trying to get Hard weapons.

  • Mission 62 (Offline)
    • Stay on the Parking Garage and don’t leave. Don’t use explosives. As long as you stay on the Parking Garage, you’re safe and can pick off the enemies below.
  • Mission 82 (Offline)
    • Jump into the Barga mech and start smashing. This is one of the best and easiest missions to farm on Hard / Harder / Hardest difficulties.
  • Mission 87 (Offline)
    • Don’t stay and fight — sprint upstream to the waterfall and wedge yourself between the rocks on the right. While stuck between the rocks, you’re totally safe. Simply pick off the enemies with non-explosive weapons.
  • Mission 101 
    • Just a mission slog versus a huge number of very weak enemies. Best to play on Hardest and take out as many as you can / collect as many crates as you can before dying. If you can win, this is easily the most efficient mission to farm for bulk drops.

I’ll add more useful missions to grind in later updates. Check back soon for more in-depth guides.