Wolfenstein: Youngblood – Fight An Evil Wizard B.J. Blazkowics With This Retro Wolf3D Easter Egg

The ‘New’ Wolfenstein series developed by Machine Games has a reoccurring retro Easter egg involving playable segments of Wolf3D — and those playable sections are back in Wolfenstein: Youngblood. But, they’ve been updated with a few new hilarious features that you’d never see in the original versions.

Not only do you get to fight a Fake B.J. Blazkowics wizard, you also can fight an evil version of Caroline Becker, the former leader of the Kreisau Circle — both are tough, and they both appear in the newly added Episode 2. This takes some explanation, so I’ll get into all the details below. It isn’t as simple as a straight-up dream sequence from Wolfenstein: The New Order.

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Fight An Evil Wizard B.J. Blazkowics With This Retro Wolf 3D Easter Egg

You can play Wolf 3D all over again in Wolfenstein: Youngblood. Once you complete the first two chapters, you’ll return to the Catacombs — the underground base of the French Resistance. Here, you’ll be able to play on a unique Wolf 3D arcade cabinet.

The entire Easter egg is a follow-up to the alternate-universe Wolf 3D from Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus. Instead of playing Wolf 3D, you play ‘Wolfstone 3D‘ — a Nazi propaganda version of the original game. Instead of Nazi enemies, you’ll fight Kreisau Circle resistance members, with “K” flags replacing the insignias of the Third Reich.

The propaganda goes even crazier in Wolfenstein: Youngblood. When you load up the Wolf 3D arcade cabinet, you can jump straight into Episode 2. This is a completely new, completely unique chapter that only appears in Wolfenstein: Youngblood. It includes several new levels with the same old enemies and weapons — with two special standouts.

In the first level of Episode 2, you can fight a robe-wearing B.J. Blazkowics! In-game, he’s the evil terrorist called Terror Billy. This robe-wearing cultist shoots fireballs when he spreads his arms — this is a reference to Fake Hitler, a mystical enemy that only appear in Episode 3 of the original game. Fake Hitler was exactly what his name implies — a fake imposter. He flew, wore a robe, and shot fireballs. B.J. is just like him in this remixed version, his face has just been swapped out.

And then there’s one more unique cameo. The final boss of Episode 2 is a gold-armor-wearing Caroline Becker, the leader of Kreisau Circle in Wolfenstein: The New Order and Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus. Defeating her initiates a unique ending screen, too!

NOTE: You’ll also encounter Max Haus as an enemy — his distinctive shape stands out, even when he’s decked out in blue power armor.

If you’re an old-school fan, or just want to see a new take on an old, old game — here’s your chance. The new levels are tough, but it’s insane that the developers put this much detail into recreating a twisted alternate-reality version of the original FPS.