Wolfenstein: Youngblood – All Collectibles Locations Guide | Riverside

The first area of alternate-reality Paris is also one of the most elaborate. After the prologue mission in Wolfenstein: Youngblood, the Blazkowics sisters will arrive on the Riverside, where you’ll have to fight through Nazi Outposts to reach the Metro Station. There’s a lot of collectibles on the winding path, but you won’t be able to get them the first time.

That’s what revisits are for! You’ll have to revisit this area far later in the story, so there’s no shame in leaving all those shiny collectibles behind. You can find tons of readables that fill in the story, floppies that give you hidden keypad codes, 3-D Glasses that let you view in-game models, UVK tapes with alternate-reality movies, and regular tapes with German versions of famous pop-songs. That’s a lot of stuff, so let’s go down the list.

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All Collectibles Locations Guide | Riverside

[Work-in-Progress: More collectibles will be added as they’re discovered in this area. Not all collectibles can be found on your first visit.]

There are six types of collections in Wolfenstein: Youngblood — Readables, UVK taps, Audio Tapes, 3-D Glasses, Floppies, and Concept Chests.

How To Use Floppies & Unlock Concept Chests: Use Floppies on computers to discover hidden codes and location clues for Concept Chests in each area

3-D Glasses #1: After escaping the zeppelin crash, climb up to the street above. There’s a yellow caged area off the street — the glasses are on the desk in this enclosure.

Readable #1: On the streets ahead, you’ll reach another combat area. To the left of the checkpoint outpost with the mounted gun, there’s a walled-in area next to the interior apartment. The readable is on the table.

Readable #2: Past the network keypad, find the readable in the next room up the steps. It’s just to the left.

Readable #3: In the first floor apartment near the Lab-X gate, there’s a readable on the table near the interior hallway door.

Tape #1: In the same room, there’s a tape on the technical equipment racks, on the opposite wall from the readable.

Floppy #1: The first floppy you’ll find is also in this room, on the computer desk.

UVK Tape #1: In the alley behind the previous apartment, there’s a TV with this tape on top.

3-D Glasses #2: To the left of the yellow gate you need to cooperatively open on the X-Labs gate street. It’s behind the red / grey “5” barriers.

Concept Chest #1: Past the yellow cooperative gate, there’s a an apartment adjacent to the small checkpoint gate. The red chest is located at the top of the stairwell.

Tape #2: There’s a tape in the same apartment, on the round table.

Floppy #2: On the roof of the checkpoint adjacent to the previous apartment, right next to the Floppy computer.

3-D Glasses #3: In the window of the Megatone store at the fork in the road. They’re in the display window with the juke box.

Tape #3: Climb onto the Megatone rooftop to find a small room accessible through a small window. There’s a tape inside.

Readable #4: Look in the yellow postbox in the street near the Megatone store at the fork in the road.

3-D Glasses #4: From the Megatone store at the fork, go left and look on a table past one of the burning barriers.

Concept Chest #2: Go right from the Megatone store at the fork and climb onto the Nazi truck. Up above in the alley, there’s a chest.

3-D Glasses #5: In the same alley as the Concept Chest.

Readable #5: On the bench next to the empty fountain at the enemy checkpoint.

3-D Glasses #6: On a table outside the cafe, on the Metro Station street.

Readable #6: There’s also a readable on another table nearby, at the same cafe.

Readable #7: On a seat down the steps in the Metro Station.

3-D Glasses #7: On the truck right outside the metro stairs you took to first arrive in the Catacombs. It’s on the crates in the flatbed.

Floppy #3: Down the stairs from the Riverside metro, pass the turret and you’ll arrive at a garden landing. There’s some supplies on a table to the right — there’s a floppy here.

Readable #8: Down the blocked alley, accessible from the courtyard with the Riverside Underground sewer entrance.

Concept Chest #3: Up on the road above the riverside crash site, there’s an alley with a grating you need the Crush ability to break through. Smash it and you can access this chest. It’s just to the right of the Lab-X gate.

3-D Glasses #8: Just to the left of the Lab-X gate, on a round barbed wire spool.