Wolfenstein: Youngblood – How To Open All Kraftwerk Doors | Special Weapons & Abilities Guide

Wolfenstein: Youngblood is a very different shooter from previous entries in the series. Instead of fighting through linear corridors, you’ll be sent on missions in a more open-ended environment. The levels are huge, with lots of nooks and crannies to explore — and as you progress in the game, you’ll be able to unlock abilities and weapons that can give you special access to rooms you can’t normally reach.

There are four abilities and weapons we’re talking about here today. The three Kraftwerk weapons and the Crush ability. With these skills, you’ll be able to blast open unique doors and grates you can’t normally get through — and you can unlock these abilities in any order. To get every collectible you’ll need all of the Kraftwerk weapons and this particular ability.

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How To Open All Kraftwerk Doors | Special Weapons & Abilities Guide

To open special ‘Kraftwerk’ doors, you’ll need to unlock a weapon for each. There are three guns: Dieselkraftwerk, Laserkraftwerk, and Elektrokraftwerk. Each one is acquired in a different Raid Tower.

Each destroys a different type of door. Standard sealed ‘Laserkraftwerk’ doors can be destroyed with the Laserkraftwerk of the Heavy Weapon laser you can collect from large crates of Super Soldiers.

  • Laserkraftwerk: Brother 1 – Found in the sealed office in the underground prison area. Drop down into the room from the ventilation system to access the laser gun from the connecting armory.

Doors with orange markings are ‘Dieselkraftwerk’ doors. These can only be opened with the Dieselkraftwerk weapon — the flame-based Heavy Weapon will not work, despite the name.

  • Dieselkraftwerk: Brother 2 – Found behind the yellow network keypad door. You’ll find this room under the garage with the giant robot in the center. You’ll need it to break the anchors holding up the stairs leading upwards.

The third type are the ‘Elekrokraftwerk’ doors. Instead of shooting the door open, you need to shoot an arc of electricity and the sparking power box above or near the door to open it. There are many types of these doors, so look for different mechanisms. Again, only this weapon will work.

  • Elektrokraftwerk: Brother 3 – When you reach the large lab area guarded by Super Soldiers with experimental shooting ranges, climb up to the open vent to access the locked test room.

The final type of door is a grating. There are grates that block ceiling access or certain paths. You can smash through tall grates with the Crush ability. It costs 5 Ability Points, and I recommend you unlock it as early as possible. You can select it instead of Cloak at the start of the game.

With these four Nazi-smashing tools in your pocket, you’ll be able to access every optional corner of the huge maps in the game.