Wolfenstein: Youngblood – All Collectibles Locations Guide | Brother 1 – Gestapo Headquarters

The first Raid location is a sprawling skyscraper, and finding all the collectibles in this intricate web of corridors and offices is going to be tricky. The first major mission objective in Wolfenstein: Youngblood is the massive Gestapo Headquarters.

The area is split into multiple sub-locations; the exterior, the underground prison, the lobby, the offices and the archives. We’ve scoured the entire facility and revealed all the collectibles you can find. There are a bunch of types, and finding them all is pretty tricky — some are locked behind special doors, while others can only be accessed when you’re on end-game side-quests.

Whatever you need to know, we’ll explain for each collectible. Keep scrolling to find them all.

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All Collectibles Locations Guide | Brother 1 – Gestapo Headquarters

[Work-in-Progress: More collectibles will be added as they’re discovered in this area. Not all collectibles can be found on your first visit.]

There are six types of collections in Wolfenstein: Youngblood — Readables, UVK taps, Audio Tapes, 3-D Glasses, Floppies, and Concept Chests.

How To Use Floppies & Unlock Concept Chests: Use Floppies on computers to discover hidden codes and location clues for Concept Chests in each area

Tape #1: In the office, adjacent to the large gatehouse down the street to the right of the Gestapo HQ. It’s on the desk facing the inner courtyard — the courtyard has the Underground entrance.

Floppy #1: In the gatehouse office that leads to the interior parking of Brother 1.

Tape #2: In the inner courtyard past the gatehouse, there’s a tape on the office desk, near the large switch.

Readable #1: On a table in the cafe, opposite the gate leading into the Brother 1 courtyard.

Floppy #2: In the office you’ll drop down into from the vents. It’s one of the first offices of the prison area.

3D-Glasses #1: In the hallway after acquing the Laserkraftwerk, go past the Interrogation Cells and melt the door in the back-right corner. It’s on the small metal cart.

Readable #2: In the Prison Area control room that releases the locks for the elevator.

Tape #2: From the atrium with the giant Hitler statue, go left and enter the room filled with red computer screens.

3-D Glasses #2: In the atrium of Brother 1, go up the stairs on the right, then around the corner to a seating area — the 3-D Glasses are on the plush benches.

Floppy #3: On the reception desk as you enter the main Gestapo HQ from the elevator.

Readable #3: On the same reception desk.

Readable #4: Behind the huge statue of the Gestapo Officer, in the entrance hallway of the HQ, you’ll find a paper on a coffee table.

Readable #5: On the top floor of the Gestapo HQ entrance hall, find the room with the network code connection. The paper is on the desk.

Concept Chest #1: From the network computer office, use the open vent to jump onto the hanging lights, then to the interior bridge with this concept chest.

3-D Glasses #3: Jump up to the balcony to the left of the network computer office.

Readable #6: On a desk in the first room of the Gestapo HQ Offices area.

3-D Glasses #4: On the left side of the Archives room, on one of the computer desks on the raised office area.

UVK Tape #3: From the Metro sign, jump up to the nearby balcony and enter the upper apartment office across the street from the Gestapo HQ. Look in the right corner, near the balcony windows.

UVK Tape #4: In the cell door control room with the two switches. Find it on the table.

Concept Chest #1: Blow open the Dieselkraftwerk door in the holding cells area. The door is located next to the archives room.

Concept Chest #2: From the network computer office, use the open vent to jump onto the hanging lights, then to the interior bridge with this concept chest.

3-D Glasses #5: In the upper offices, look for a Elektrokraftwerk locked door in the back-right. There’s an office with this collectible on the desk.

3-D Glasses #6: In a lower shelf in the center office, of the offices area above the entrance hall lobby. Find it near the right side door.

UVK Tape #5: Right next to the floppy computer in the left corner of the first floor Archives boss room.

More collectibles coming soon!